Loving Vincent – The First Hand-Painted Film Ever Made

maxresdefault 2By Fattima Mahdi Truth Theory

100 artists from around the globe have collaborated with a team of movie-makers to captivate the art and life of Vincent Van Gogh. The final result? The world’s first hand-painted film.

Each of the film’s 65,000 frames was painted by professional artists, many chosen by the Greek production company Studio Bauhaus. “We have definitely without a doubt invented the slowest form of filmmaking ever devised in 120 years,” said the film’s director Hugh Welchman.The entire 90-minute film took four years to make. While there is computer software that can create the illusion of a painting with the click of a mouse, Welchman says computers could never replicate this kind of authenticity.

“We filmed with live actors on green screen, we composited into the background of those shots, Van Gogh paintings. We cut it together like a live-action film but then we projected each frame individually onto canvas,” explained producer Ivan Mactaggart.

Loving Vincent is a painstaking tribute to an artist who went from absolutely calm to suicidal in six weeks. The film celebrates Gogh’s work in a moving exhibit. Watch the trailer below:

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