London Train Station To Host Christmas Party For The City’s Homeless

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“Lucky” and “homeless” are two words you probably never thought would go together, but in this instance, they do! This Christmas, 200 lucky people who presently live on the street will partake in an extravagant party, hosted by the British transit company Network Rail.

Rail workers at the Euston Train station have volunteered their time to throw the Christmas bash. As GoodNewsNetwork reports, the party will have everything from decorations to food. Rail workers will serve up the meals, chat with visitors, supervise the event, and help clean up afterwards.

The Christmas bash was coordinated by St. Mungos and Streets Kitchen, two local charities. Volunteers with those organizations have already distributed invitations to people they found sleeping on the streets.

“Using a station to give homeless people a Christmas dinner and some festive cheer is a great thing to do.” Said Steve Naybour, head of transformation in Network Rail’s track team.

“Thousands and thousands of my colleagues will already be working on Christmas Day to improve the railway for passengers. Working on Christmas Day is pretty much par for the course for many of us who work for Network Rail, but this year – because I wasn’t scheduled to work – myself and a handful of colleagues came up with this plan to feed some of London’s homeless instead,” Naybour added.

“Everything, including people’s time, has been donated. And I can’t think of a better way to spend my Christmas Day – it even beats working on the railway!” he concluded.

How You Can Help the Homeless this Christmas

It feels good to read about how others are making a difference in the world, right? Well, what if we told you that you can do the same!?

This Christmas, please consider supporting a special GoFundMe campaign set up by one of our writers. The goal is small — just $500. When all of the funds are raised, ingredients to make sandwiches and insulated blankets will be purchased. Both components will then be handed out to some of the many homeless people in Las Vegas, Nevada. Learn more here.

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