New Pics: During Lockdown, Wild Animals Keep Showing Up In Neighborhoods And Urban Spaces

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By Anthony McLennan / Truth Theory

It seems that the longer the coronavirus-enforced lockdown goes on, the more we are seeing wild animals entering into our cities.

Some people may say the animals are simply reclaiming what was taken from them. It’s certainly been a pleasant reminder that wild animals have been able to survive living on the periphery of our world.

And hopefully in the future, when lockdown if lifted, we’ll treat our environment with a little more care and respect, knowing that these animals’ survival depends upon it.

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Without the usual busy roads full of motor vehicles and people, there have been some amazing sights of animals calmly wandering around urban landscapes during the lockdown.

From elephants in India to deer in Japan. To lambs playing on a round-about in England to a coyote posing next to the Golden Gate bridge, to a bear in Austria. Not to mention pumas in Chile, otters in Singapore and monkeys in Thailand.

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In some cases like the Thai monkeys, the animals are reported to be missing the presence of tourists, who are a food source, either directly feeding animals, or leaving litter behind.

But in many other instances, it seems to be more curiosity and a sense of exploration that has brought these animals right into our neighborhoods.

4 cyote
Pic credit: Becca Cook

Like this fox for instance, looking quite peaceful having a nap


Pic credit: SaraReneeRyan

Or these deer, looking pretty relaxed in someone’s front garden in Romford, East London.

Meanwhile in Singapore, otters are making merry in the city’s fountains and happily darting about on the sidewalks.

The otters may be harmless, but in Santiago, Chile, rather more intimidating creatures in the form of pumas have been roaming city streets.

Mountain lions, such as these In Colorado, are another an animal you would only want to view from inside the safety of your home.

Mountain lions moving back into boulder during lockdown.
byu/clicktosave inaww

Pic credit: Reddit

There have been some strange sightings as well. Have you ever heard of an Ibex? It’s an alpine species of goat, who are apparently enjoying empty beaches on the Mediterranean.

What about a Spotted Malabar civet? This critically endangered mammal recently appeared in India.


You may have heard of the Capybara – the largest rodent in the world. In Buenos Aires, Argentina, they’ve been spotted wandering around neighborhoods.

Here are some more of the amazing sightings:

A big moose in Lithuania.

Cute baby boars in Spain:

A bear in the streets of Austria:

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Featured Image credit: SaraReneeRyan & Dón Grieshnak

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