List Of Popular Food Brands That Quietly Downsized Their Products To ‘Accommodate For Inflation’

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

While we have all heard about inflation, the new term ‘shrinkflation’ has been gaining a lot of traction over the last couple of years. This term was coined by economists around seven years ago and is usually a response by markets to increasing inflationary pressures. The term implies that several globally popular food brands have been reducing the size or quantity of their products, without making any significant change in their prices. According to Choice, an advocacy group, data was released which showed companies- that included Kellogg’s, Nestle, and Cadbury- had shrunk the size of their products while they keep charging the same- or even more. 

A Cadbury spokesperson opened up as to why the company had to deal with shrinkflation. They mentioned that the new Cadbury More blocks were of a completely different shape- with a bunch of new ingredients and a chunkier eating experience- which made them far more expensive to consume. The journalist who found out about this apparent sham stated that there had been multiple community tip-offs that the products had shrunk while the prices had been increased. This tip-off resulted in the investigation. 


So, here is a list of other popular food Subscribe to Truth Theory on Youtube, new videos every week:

brands that went under the knife- but the price remained intact

Food Brands That Shrunk In Size While The Price Increased

Duke’s Mayonnaise

Duke's mayo

Throughout history, mayonnaise had been sold in jars that were quart-size. And although a rival company, Hellmann, had introduced the 30-ounce size to replace that, Duke’s had refused to bow. Until recently, when the company announced that they had shrunk their product down from 32 ounces to 30 ounces- something that wasn’t mentioned in the jar itself. 

Pepperidge Farm Cookies

Pepperidge Farm Milano

‘Pepperidge Farm remembers!’ It has been reported that quite a variety of Pepperidge Farm cookies have been shrinking in their quantity over the last few years. Previously, the Milano cookies were sold at 6.25 ounces- but now they are sold at just six. 

Green Giant Frozen Vegetables

Green Giant veggies

Even healthy green veggies are not exempt from shrinkflation, as according to user reports, Green Giant had slyly reduced their usual 10-ounce package to a mere 8-ounce. However, they claimed that it was still enough for 2 servings.

Turkey Hill Ice Cream

Turkey Hill ice cream

A food item that people can’t just do without- but shrinkflation has destroyed it as well. While some of the major ice cream brands went through a period of downsizing 15 years ago, Turkey Hill did it quite recently. 15 years ago, it was Edy’s, Breyers, and a few other brands that took a full cup out of their containers of 56 ounces and turned them into 48 ounces. Turkey Hill went a few steps extra and brought the entire container down to 46 ounces. As it turns out, they refused to mark the new number of ounces on the container- and simply mentioned 1.44 ounces. The representative from the company stated that this was done because of the increase in the price of the ingredients. 

Goodman’s Macaroons

Goodman's macaroons

Goodman used to sell their scrumptious macaroons in solid cans weighing 10 ounces. Now, the cans are somehow inexistent with only plastic 9-ounce bags available. Even their sales representative confirmed the 10% reduction in size. Unfortunately, other brands also allegedly plan to make this switch.

Stella Artois Beer

Stella Artois beer cans

The Belgian beer brand, Stella Artois had been sold at 11.2 ounces for quite a few years before people noticed that most American beers were sold at 12 ounces. When the bottles were transformed into cans, quite a few websites still showed pictures of the old 12-ounce size. 

Crisco Vegetable Oil

Crisco 48-40Crisco profile

Usually, vegetable oil came in most predictable-size containers for quite a few decades like the 24-ounce container, or the 32-ounce container. But now, Crisco, the famous brand, has been moving away from tradition- as it has been taking a full cup of oil from every bottle- but one would not be able to notice the difference. The only way to notice this would be by tilting the bottle sideways- that would showcase the new slimmer bottles. Also, the number of ounces is placed on the side of the bottle- so one wouldn’t be able to see it from the front. 


Werther’s Original Hard Caramels

Werther caramel

Candies are one such product category that is usually subjected to shrinkflation. The hard candy from Werther’s was also getting shrunk- with their large size decreasing from 34 ounces to 30 ounces. While it is quite unclear when this change actually took place, it was still quite some time ago. 

Are there any other food brands that you know about that have gone through periods of shrinkflation? Write to us in the comments below!

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