Life Is Illusory, The Present Moment Is All There Is And We Are All One

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BLuke Miller Truth Theory

All is not as it seems on this giant ball of stardust, but if you understand the game that is being played you will be better equipped to jump over the obstacles on route.

The Birth

No matter which direction you look we all seem to be in agreement that there was a birthing stage to this level of life. Science calls it the big bang, the occultists the breathing into the cosmic egg and some religions say god build us in 7 days.

No matter which way you look at it, the story is the same, told in a different way. Something was not hear and it wanted to become something and it willed itself into existence.

There was something almost non existent and it replicated becoming something significant over a small fraction of time. What happened before this moment is debated, but this singular moment to my understanding is pretty much agreed upon.

What this means is we are this thing- this moment of birth is what birthed humanity, the plants, the trees, the rocks and stars. Microscopic entity, to the universe in its entirety is all comprised of this singular moment.

Time Is An Illusion

Time is illusory in nature and maybe the prescript provided can work for a better understanding of what this means. The moment that first particle replicated it became a mass of particles and so on until we have what we now know as our universe. But collectively we are the first moment and stored within the cells of all that exist in the present is the past. So the past continues to live on showing that the past actually coexist with the present.

The future is a grey area- maybe it has already happened (fate), maybe there are multiple alternative universe we can will ourselves towards, maybe we have total free will and are 100% responsible for paving our future or maybe a combination of the above. Truth is- it doesn’t matter! What does matter is this moment and in the next moment all that will matter is that moment.

This is not to say that when it comes to events such as trauma and healing we should just shut it out, this would be repression. What it is saying is be with the grief and feeling that you are going through in the perspective of the present.

Grief and sadness is healthy in its place, however, if you do not finally let go of it- you will end up lost in an eternity of suffering.

We Are One

We are one and there is no separation between all life from rock to tree to grizzly bear. This is true of spirit, but also of matter. As said above we have been birthed from the single particle (big bang)- skin color, race, sex and any of the other labels that divide us up into different camps are all irrelevant. Because we are just different manifestations of that single thing realising itself in different ways.

No higher or lower, more important or less important- just different pieces of the same puzzle, trying to slot into our space.

Reality Is An Illusion

What we see as matter is mainly energy- it appears to be solid, but if you take a microscope to most things it is spaced out and contains very little solid structure.

Theoretically this means if we had the right understanding of a substance we could put what would appear to be a solid substance through another solid substance. Also our eyes see and create an image, but without eyes to view something would it even exist? And is my projection of a thing the same as yours? Does person X’s blue equal person Y’s blue.

Reality is subjective- even within our species we cannot agree upon what is real and what is not. If you take that to another species like an ant which physically sees the world differently,  how can we say which is real and which is not. Maybe a simple life form such as an ant could not conceptualise an idea of this magnitude, but then maybe they are not a simple life form at all. Perhaps their simplistic and selfless hive mentality is an advanced way of living compared to the consumerist and selfish approach much of humanity is living within currently.

All Just Stardust With People Names  

If we take something we all know- the sun, we can measure what exists within this universe. We are roughly 108 times smaller than the sun. With that in mind, we have 60 billion suns (stars) in our galaxy. If you think of the biggest concert you have ever attended. I will use the biggest concert I know of- woodstock (400,000 people) and imagine the endless abundance of people, then times that ammount of people by 150 thousand. That is how many stars we have in this galaxy. But then we also have an estimated 200 billion galaxies. This is a big number, but you can conceptualise it, because it is you. You are still that particle which birthed all of this remember.

Don’t Forget The Rules

Time and reality is an illusion, but this illusion has rules. We can get lost is this mind, body, spirit gauntlet- but ultimately within the context of most incarnated beings of this moment- if we hit our thumb with a hammer while nailing it’s going to hurt. Learning the rules and how to play the game is a challenge, especially when you know it is a game. It will have its ups and downs, but ultimately we are here to explore and understand who we are. With enough, cooperation, study and understanding this illusory ball of stardust is not such a bad ride! Please share this article!  

We have calcium in our bones, iron in our veins,

carbon in our souls, and nitrogen in our brains.

93 percent stardust, with souls made of flames,

we are all just stars that have people names.

Nikita Gill

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