LEGO Came Out With Its First Sustainable Collection Which Is No Longer Made Of Oil-Based Plastic

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

We have become aware that plastic is a terrible thing for all of us and the planet. But what can be done about it? We can do something about it, of course, but is that enough? The answer is simple – no. Unless the major corporations take a move against plastic, we are almost helpless. And it is their corporate social responsibility to do something about it. Out of the many companies that are present in the market, LEGO  has started a movement. We have all been through that LEGO phase. We made our own buildings and became engineers in our imaginary worlds. LEGO pieces were made of oil-based plastic. Now, we can’t really blame them. It was cheap and we did not know much about the harmfulness of plastic back then.

But now, things have changed. We know that plastic is hazardous for our health and for the planet. We need to do something about it. And LEGO is backing us up. Back in March last year, LEGO claimed that it will be producing goods by using plant-based products rather than human based plastic. The result is that a company, which used to produce goods with standard oil-based plastics, is now changing their ways and making products using a derivative of sugarcane plants. These products are made by using a new kind of polyethylene plastic made using ethanol which is produced from sugarcane. It has been certified and considered safe by the Bonsucro Chain of Custody Standard.

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It is designed in such a way that your children will not face any harm. Plus, the designers have gone through the principles of botany and integrated a lot of their gathered knowledge in the making of this product. It has the same consistency that could be seen in the plastic products, but now, both our children and the environment won’t get sick. On the other hand, it will inspire the future generation by educating them about environmentally sustainable products and show other companies how it is possible to do so. According to Tim Brooks, LEGO wanted to make a major positive effect and it is slowly moving towards that route.

But we should not give LEGO credit for this action alone. Even though the change in production material from polyethylene to biodegradable ethanol has been a major one, for LEGO – this is not the first time. They have tried to counter pollution for quite some time now. The company had announced that it has successfully reached the point of getting all its energy from renewable sources. The best part is that they had done it three years before the scheduled time. The brand has also gone on to partner up with the World Wildlife Fund for Nature so as to fight against climate change and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. The company has come together with the Bioplastic Feedstock Alliance to develop a sustainable source for its bioplastic goals.

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According to LEGO, their bioplastic collection is made out of plant-based material developed out of sugarcane. The new items look like bushes, trees, and leaves. It is just the first step. The company plans to use sustainable materials for all its products by the year 2030. You can check out more on this LEGO collection on their website.

LEGO as a company is taking firm actions for the wellbeing of our planet. We will just look forward to other companies doing the same. On the other hand, we can try to help the planet in our own small way too. Because every step counts! And together, we can move mountains.

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