LeBron James Spent Millions to Open a Public School With Free Meals, Bikes, and College Tuition

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By Amanda Froelich

LeBron James has made a name for himself not only as a professional basketball player but also a philanthropist. On Monday, July 30th, the star unveiled a project he’s been working on for some time: a new public school in Akron, Ohio. The school, I Promise, is aimed at low-income and at-risk children. James wanted to give back to the community he grew up in, which is why he is willing to invest more than $100 million of his money into the endeavor.

James didn’t have an easy start in life. He was raised by a single mother who oftentimes struggled to maintain a steady job. When he was a 4th grader, he missed 83 days of school due to his unstable home life. The two-time Olympic gold medalist doesn’t want any more children to suffer the way he did, which is why he founded I Promise.

The basketball player considers the I Promise school to be his greatest achievement yet. His philosophy is that if children obtain a proper education, he is making a difference not only in his lives but the future of the planet. 

As Bored Panda reports, the I Promise school will have an extended school year which will start in July and end in May. Each day is 8 hours long; furthermore, I Promise will provide a seven-week summer session with STEM-based camps. The goal is to help children prepare for future jobs in the technology field.

Breakfast, lunch, and snacks will all be provided to the school for free. The students will also be given free bicycles, helmets, uniforms, school supplies, and transportation to school. The generosity will transform kids’ school experiences, as many low-income families cannot afford such items. I Promise will also help adults. GED courses and job placement services will be offered to parents.

Right now, the school is opening with 240 third and fourth-grade students. By 2022, grades 1st through 8th will be added. James is also covering the full tuition at the University of Akron for every student ho complex his program and graduates from high school. If all 2,300 students graduate, he may be charged a $100 million bill. But, the athlete doesn’t care; he’s just happy to give back.

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Source: Bored Panda

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