Las Vegas Bomb-Shelter Mansion Is Getting In Property Lists For $18 Million

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

A famous bomb-shelter house present near Flamingo Road is becoming hot news again. It is a strange property that was constructed back in the 1970s. Located about 2 miles to the east from the center of Las Vegas Strip, it was constructed by Girard B. “Jerry” Junior out of fear that the Cold War may end the country with a resulting nuclear warfare. So, this building was constructed with about 14,620 square feet of concrete and steel and it looks like a bunker. But it is not the same kind of bunker that you would see in the World War movies. This structure has all the specialties of a 5-star hotel. A spa, a pool, a guesthouse, a fountain and a BBQ as well as murals of mountains and cities with lights that change from dawn to dusk. It’s almost like virtual reality.

This strange property was listed by the famous Stephan M-Laforge at Berkshire Hathaway for about 18 million dollars. From the pictures, it looks very 1970 ish. The decorations are old and the color choices are very retro with shocking pink and green all around. However, it will attract the eyes of any rich collector when they come across this 1970 masterpiece. As of now, it is possessed by Mark Voelker and some of his other friends. Mark is the president of the organization, Society for the Preservation of Near Extinct Species. They are trying to preserve species that are going extinct. We are only left to wonder whether he believes in some doom coming over us. Why else would he own the doomsday bunker?

How does the doomsday bunker look like? Well, it is quite chic. It has six bathrooms, and five bedrooms and all of it is actually underneath a normal looking townhouse. The house has everything fitted in it that would keep the residents entertained as they keep themselves away from the earth’s surface. There is a swimming pool, a nightclub and a bar attached to it, a sauna, a dance floor, two jacuzzies and murals of forests and countryside!

It might almost seem like earth but only most of it is fake. Fake flowers and fake trees will make you feel like home. There is also a security system installed and two elevators that take you to your underground home. The lighting system in the home is designed in such a way that it would seem like the sunrise and sunset is actually taking place outside. The blue ceiling also has clouds, if you miss the blue sky of the earth too much. As per the listing, modern renovations have been made. Repeaters have been attached to the house. So, now, you can also receive the precious cellphone signals in the house and can get cable, as well as the internet. So, all the necessities of our modern life are already present. The house also had eight air-conditioning units but they have been replaced by a 1,000-gallon water tank. So, all in all, it can be said that Jerry Henderson had spent the fortune that he received from the companies like Gulfstream Aerospace Corp and Avon cosmetics well and has really made a mark with this structure.

Henderson had a company which was called by the name ‘Underground World Houses’, formed out of his fear regarding nuclear warfare. He had also built an exhibit at the New York World’s Fair in 1964 referred with an interesting title: ‘Why Live Underground’. It was a concept that was way ahead of his times. After building the underground bunker, he had lived in it till his death in the year 1983. But, then, it must have been isolating enough, because her wife left the bunker and lived in a townhouse above the ground until her death in 1989.


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