Land Ark RV Creates Mad Men Inspired Trailer, “Draper”

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Land Ark RV, inspired by Mad Men, has designed a trailer and named it “Draper” after the famous character Don Draper. This dark trailer has a retro theme going on. The entire concept of the trailer is created around Don Draper’s iconic statement from the show, “Make it simple but significant”.

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This beauty on wheels has a foldable wooden patio. Its design constitutes simple lines with an angled roof that gives it the mid-century modern vibes. The classic black color on the exterior with the black-framed glasses contrasts in a very clean but aesthetic fashion with the wooden interiors.


While the exterior is retro, the interior is modern, well-lit with the big windows, and airy. The white-wash pines of different hues give it a spacious feeling. The mudroom that you get to see first when you get in has a utility closet, a bench, and cubicles for shoes and other stuff.

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The lower level has a kitchen and living space. There happens to be a gallery that connects with the mudroom. At the end of the trailer is a bathroom with a vanity and also a walk-in full-size shower and a wall hung toilet. The galley kitchen is followed by a U-shaped sofa that could be converted into a bed for two. This makes it a convenient living space on the wheel.

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On the second level, there is a sleeping space facing the window and comfortable space for two people to sleep. Natural lighting has been an important factor in the trailer’s design.

Trailer kitchen

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Three wooden stairs lead to the trailer. And there is a glass sliding door at the patio that could also be used to come out. There are wooden stairs right at the end of the gallery that lead up to the sleeping space.

Each trailer takes about 3-4 months to build and costs about $144,000.

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