Kind Teen Saves Money For Two Years To Buy His Friend An Electric Wheelchair

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By Mandy Froelich / Truth Theory

Heroes do exist. They just do good deeds when no one else is looking. For instance, Tanner Wilson, a teenager who attends Caddo Hills High School in Norman, Arkansas, quietly saved up money for two years. Rather than buy a car or video games with the cash, he spent the hard-earned money on an electric wheelchair for his friend, Brandon Qualls.

GoodNewsNetwork reports that the young men have been friends for years. When they both entered high school, it became clear that navigating the halls would be tough for Brandon. This is because he used a push wheelchair to get from class to class. After extended periods of time, his arms would give out.

While Brandon dealt with this reality, Tanner continued to save up money. For the past two years, he has worked part-time at a local car repair shop. Last month, Tanner was finally able to surprise his friend with the gift. Reportedly, the stunned teenager could barely contain his emotions.

“They came in and my face just blew up,” Brandon told News9. “I was just crying everywhere. I was like, ‘Wow I can’t believe he did that for me.’”

“It’s been my dream to just have one of these,” Brandon added, “and my dream came true.”

Since the internet caught wind of Tanner’s generosity, the boys have been flooded with messages of hope, admiration, and support. Colleen Carmack, Tanner’s mother, told the press that the teenagers have been delighted to read all of the messages.

“[Tanner has] had some bad experiences over the last year, so him being able to help somebody else has really brought him out – being able to know that he made a difference,” Carmack told CNN. “And I can see a difference in him – like wanting to get out and do more.

“We’re talking about college. He’s had that goal, but he’s talking about it more now,” she added.

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