The Key To Freedom Is Inside You: Search Within

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BLuke Miller Truth Theory

Search within or a variation of these words is perhaps one of the most shared sentences you will hear from messengers, teachers and guides- but is there more to the surface than it seems with this short, loaded sentence?

On the most simplistic of levels it makes sense that it would have to do with following your heart to reach your desires or to understand the complexities of yourself to effectively navigate the external world- but the more you look within these 2 simple words, the more they give.

Continuing with our own physicality, it could be said that to understand our own makeup could be to understand all that surrounds us. “As above, so below, as below, so above”. If we look at ourselves introspectively we often start to notice certain feelings that arise in different parts of ourselves. We store joy in certain postures and body parts, but also trauma can reside within our physicality. You can see this in practice by simply smiling or frowning, these actions usually affect more than just the face, and if done in an unconscious state can move our whole bodies.

This means to look within our bodies during a meditative state is to look within our physical structure to understand the trauma we have faced and where it resides within. To take this further our body parts all hold different functionality- the heart pumps blood, the kidney detoxes fluids and the intestine processes our foods. But these body parts also relate to specific states of being, color and tones. So to fully understand a specific part of yourself if to know how to fully nourish it.

To pump blood around our bodies is the function of the heart, however it is our breath that allows this to happen- meaning conscious, good quality, deep breath is the best way to connect with the heart and all the mind, body spirit functions our hearts offer.  

Searching within doesn’t just apply to yourself- to search within could mean to search within a substance or topic. You can observe a piece of lead, but to fully understand its makeup is a different thing. This is what the alchemist were working on- the inside of a substance- both poles of its existence and what can come of a substance which is fully understood. The well known alchemical process is turning lead into gold. This could be understood as a metaphor and/or perhaps an unattainable goal, however it is working on the metal which produces the internal change within the alchemist. The seeing inside of the substance.

This can also be applied to our work- you can train to be a doctor, but to be a healer is something completely different. Understanding sickness is an important part of the puzzle, however, an understanding of health is vital to correct the sickness.

An emotion or thought can also be broken down into the finest of details, and this is often how we transmute a thought or feeling. We can be depressed and often not even understand why, yet that depression is in us due to things we have experienced. So within us is the route of the suffering, it cannot be found outside, it just takes a search to find it.

This concept can be applied to anything small or large- a microscopic entity to the whole universe. Many ancient civilisations had a in depth understanding of the cosmos and this allowed them to more thoroughly understand our tiny planet as a result.

Search within that which you seek to understand and understand it you will. Please share this article!



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