John Legend Helps Pampers Install 5,000 Changing Tables in Men’s Restrooms After Father’s Viral Photo

John Legend and Donte Palmer Squat for Change Instagram

By Mandy Froelich / Truth Theory 

Dad’s change diapers, too — a fact overlooked by numerous stores. Fortunately, thousands of men’s restrooms will soon receive a much-needed upgrade, and it’s all thanks to Pampers, John Legend, and a disgruntled dad who posted about the persistent problem on social media.

In 2018, father-of-three Donte Palmer finally had enough. He had visited yet another men’s restroom not equipped with a changing table and decided to say something. The photo below shows him squatting against a wall in order to change his son’s diaper. In addition to sharing the image, he championed the hashtag #SquatForAChange to encourage more businesses and organizations to install changing tables in men’s restrooms.

It took months of social media campaigning, but Pamper finally answered Palmer’s call to action. Pampers pledged to install over 5,000 changing tables across North America before 2021.

“I’m excited, I’m honored, I’m using the moment to teach my boys that if you have a dream, if you have an issue with something, open your mouth, chase it, go attack that thing you want and it’ll come,” Palmer told Metro. “That’s why I’ve been giving my heart to this campaign to change men’s lives. I’m proud to have a huge partnership with Pampers and Koala Care which will help people really receive my message.”

John Legend, famous singer-songwriter, also joined the cause. He partnered with Pampers and Koala Care to encourage other businesses to install changing tables in men’s restrooms.

“I am so excited to play a role in Pampers’ Love the Change campaign. I love being a hands-on dad, and it is so important that we acknowledge the active role dads are playing in their babies’ lives,” said Legend in a press release. “Spending time out and about with my kids is one of the greatest joys in my life, but it’s frustrating when I am out with [my son] and the men’s restroom doesn’t have a baby changing table.”

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“I’m proud to support Pampers as it paves the way for more inclusive parenting by providing all of us dads out there with the tools we need to succeed,” he added.

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