Which Jobs Will Be Most Affected By Chat GPT And Artificial Intelligence?

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

On November 30th, 2022, ChatGPT was introduced to the entire world by OpenAI- and this definitely signaled a new era of artificial intelligence. Since then, we have been routinely surprised by the very thorough and human-like responses that the AI Chatbot has provided us. In fact, ChatGPT is also capable of comprehending and answering a whole variety of questions- it can be used for academic researchers, and can also write jokes. So this begs the question- how safe are our jobs then? If there is a technology that can do the job of an individual and save money at the same time, would anyone employ humans over that? Therefore, we need to talk about the jobs most affected by ChatGPT.

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Jobs That May Be Most Affected By ChatGPT-like Technologies

Customer Service

If anyone has ever worked in any customer care, they would know that most of the problems and queries that your average customer has are quite repetitive. Therefore, answering the questions will not require high social or emotional intelligence. In such a situation, AI can be routinely used to provide automated responses to the FAQs. Some of the questions that could be incorporated include payment confirmation, delivery status, refund status, or order cancelation. 


There are quite a few companies in the world that have decided to use AI for their bookkeeping practices. Most AI-powered bookkeeping services provide one with an efficient accounting system- as well as flexibility and security. One has to consider that all these are readily available as services on the cloud. All one needs to do is enter their daily transactions into the software- which would then take care of the rest of the program. Since AI is pretty meticulous, the data would be stored, collected, and analyzed correctly. Using an accounting service for AI is less costly than paying an employee to do the same work. 


Most multinational corporations have now decided to use robots as their receptionists. Interestingly, even the calls are being put through by AI. There are several restaurants in Japan where one can use the online scheduling system- rather than talking to an actual representative. There are several advanced AI receptionists like AimeReception- who can see, listen, talk, and understand what the customers want. 



One of the jobs most affected by ChatGPT-type AI  is sales. As it stands, we have already gone past the Mad Men stage of advertising where companies needed salespeople for retail activities. In today’s world advertising has already shifted towards social media and the web landscapes. The built-in target marketing capabilities in social media would allow the advertisers to create content that was customized for varied audiences. In fact, one could also use AI to use the self-serve ad marketplaces and generate ads. Brands have been working towards connectivity through content engagement strategies. 

Retail Services

In a shop, the main responsibility that a worker has includes tracking inventory, collecting payments, and also answering questions that would ascertain the goal of generating sales. But as it turns out, every customer in the supermarket knows that employees have already started slipping away from the checkout process- with stores shifting away from that responsibility. But, even with AI in the mix, the hardest part would be human interaction. Interestingly, SoftBank Robotics has already sold thousands of Pepper robots- which is arguably the largest development hub for humanoid robots. 


The start of the 21st century brought forth Uber and Lyft- which definitely changed the entire taxi business. But now, companies have started focusing on autonomous driving- where robots would be driving cars. It is pretty inevitable that buses and taxis will all be self-driven and completely independent in the next few years. 

Military Personnel

This is one of those professions where there is an inordinate amount of risk to one’s life. In this particular job, it is therefore quite natural that countries and companies would be looking towards replacing armies with AI- which would reduce the risk of human loss in military operations. Artificial Intelligence is also bound to change how wars will be fought on battlefields in the near future. While the infantry would still find themselves on the battlefield- humans would be out of harm’s way due to the robots. 


Writers frequently use AI that allows them to self-check their own writing. The natural language processing capability of certain AI tools also allows writers to check spelling errors, readability issues, and grammatical mistakes. One such example would be Grammarly, and there are other AI tools like Google Translate and DeepL where one can translate their writings into other languages. 

Legal Assistants

While there are a lot more steps to take before AI can be fully ingratiated into the legal department, there is a lot of scope in that field. In fact, if AI tech becomes far more integrated into this industry, there would be a need for professionals who would have the necessary expertise in areas like ethics, AI Development, and regulation. 


AxelSpringer’s CEO Mathias Doepfner, recently claimed that journalists ran the risk of being replaced by artificial intelligence systems such as ChatGPT. This announcement was made with the publisher seeking to boost the revenue of certain German newspapers Bild and Die Welt- which implied that the company could be moving into a purely digital media company. Job cuts seemed to be on the way, since automation and AI were making several jobs redundant. 

Financial Analysts

According to several experts, the future of financial analysis lies in Artificial intelligence. It is understood that AI software is capable enough for analyzing data more accurately and far more quickly than individuals. This implies that financial analysts (AI) would be able to focus on important tasks- like predicting future events or analyzing market trends. 

Web Designers

AI will only replace human web designers if the latter doesn’t understand the potential of the former and use it for their own gain. Also, Artificial Intelligence has the ability to learn and improve itself over time. So with such an enormous amount of information at its disposal, it shouldn’t be difficult to realize that AI could easily identify patterns and then utilize them to make decisions that would be time-consuming for individuals. 


In the field of Mathematics, it is still somewhat debatable whether AI will fully take over. Rather, one could argue that ChatGPT or other forms of Artificial Intelligence could be used as proof assistance, and help scientists find answers to hitherto unanswerable questions. 

Tax Preparers

People in this job have an extremely high likelihood of being automated in the future. Since the job is mostly repetitive and predictable, human judgment is minimal- and hence can be replaced without any loss in productivity. 


In this field, the best can be achieved if one combines both artificial, as well as human intelligence. One simply has to assign the AI to do the easier, more repetitive tasks, which it would be able to perform quickly, accurately, and at a far lower cost. 

PR Specialists

Even PR specialists could be replaced by AI in the future- although it isn’t ascertained if it would happen in the next decade or so. For that to happen, AI would have to be developed to replace the strategic thinking and creativity that are the keys to a successful PR campaign. 

While some of the jobs most affected by ChatGPT or similar AI will take some time before they are realized, IBM has already started freezing hiring. In recent news, the giant technology company froze hiring as it now expects around 7,800 jobs to be replaced by AI in the next few years. Arvind Krishna, the CEO of IBM mentioned that he could easily see around 30% of the company’s non-customer-facing roles being replaced by AI in the next five years. The comments made by the CEO do come at the same time as the rapid advancement of AI-power technology, which also includes OpenAI’s ChatGPT, which further raises the chances of a major disruption to quite a few industries. 


In conclusion, while it is not clear if AI will immediately replace jobs, there are some jobs that would be affected by AI more than others. It is also possible that the next decade could see AI changing the entire professional dynamic.

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