Hero or Villain? Man Used Internet Registry To Track Down and Beat Up Pedophiles

jason vukovich

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

An Alaskan man attacked 3 registered pedophiles and sex offenders in 2016. He wanted his story to serve as a deterrent for anyone who wanted to turn their sorrows into violence or even take the Law into their own hands.

Jason Vukovich Serves Time For His Crimes

He is currently serving 23 years in prison for his crimes. Here’s everything he did in the summer of 2016. 

The person pleaded guilty to first-degree attempted assault and first-degree robbery. Prosecutors then agreed to let go of all the dozen other charges that were brought against him, as a part of a plea deal.

He pleaded guilty on only one condition, that his sentence should not be longer than the combined terms of the 3 alleged victims of his. All of these people were listed on the public sex offenders list in Alaska, related to crimes on children. 

Jason Speaks About His Beliefs

Jason Vukovich stated his belief that there is no place for vigilantes in an ordered society. He added that he wants to deter people from following his path. He was abused sexually and physically as a child and never got any help. He had lost his self-worth and turned to a life of crime. He kept moving in and out of jails for several years.

jason vukovich

He stated that people should not throw away their present and future lives if they had lost their youth due to abuse and should not entertain violence. Jason Vukovich added that he was far from being perfect and was an imperfect and flawed individual like everyone else. The interview took place in a room in the Anchorage jail.

He added that someone who was born and raised in Alaska, just like him, and undergone the same things in their childhood, should not end up in a similar position. He believes that such an outcome would “suck”. 

Jason Vukovich wore a uniform that was yellow in color and had his arms covered in tattoos. He had slick dark hair and 3 teardrops tattooed under his left eye. These drops represented the “three doors of the mind”.

He tattooed the words “fraternity of angels” in Latin, over his right eye. He always carried a notebook with himself which had the names of Andres Barbosa, Wesley Demarest, and Charles Albee.

He entered the homes of these three men and beat them up. He would hit them with his fists or with a hammer in the case of Demarest. He knocked them down, unconscious. Additionally, he stole from them and took items like laptops or even a truck. These were stated by the assistant district attorney, Patrick McKay.

Jason Vukovich called himself the “avenging angel” as he avenged all the children hurt by abusers.

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He told the police that he marked his victims based on the list of sex offenders in Alaska. The online registry contained their work addresses and convictions along with their home addresses.

Jason Vukovich attacked his first victim on the first day after he got out of jail. He had heard about these men but did not know much about them. He felt the need to confront them. He took matters into his own hands and assaulted these three pedophiles.

The History Behind The Hunting Of The Pedophiles

He was born in Anchorage in 1975 and never knew his biological father. His mother’s husband adopted him when he was 4 and that was when he was abused.

jason vukovich

Both his parents were devout Christians and took him to services in every Church that was open. The man who adopted him used “night prayers” as a front to molest him and beat him up with a 2-by-4.

The adoptive father was Larry Lee Fulton and the court documents filed by Jason Vukovich’s attorney detailed molestations by Mr. Fulton.

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Fulton was found guilty of second-degree abuse but received a 3-year suspended sentence. He did not have to serve any time in the prison cell. His family moved to Wasilla and Vukovich was homeschooled. He never received any counseling nor did anyone ever check in on him.

According to court documents filed in Alaska, Jason Vukovich has a criminal history in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and California. Vukovich said he moved back to Alaska about a decade ago.

There is a petition requesting to free Jason from jail, more info here

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