Janitor Who Has Worked At Bank For 30 Years Is Surprised With Puppy After His Dies

idarc janitor gets a new puppy from coworkers 1By  Amanda Froelich Truth Theory

Due to indoctrination, society tends to look down on those who are tasked with the least appealing jobs. Garbage men/women and janitors, for example, may have unglamorous jobs, but their service is very, very important. It is because of this that they deserve just as much respect as doctors and physicians. Co-workers of a man named Floyd Green understand this, which is why they gifted him a special surprise after his beloved dog died.

Little Things reports that for over three decades, Green has worked as a custodial worker for a bank in Howard County, Texas. In his time there, he’s made many friends.

Recently, the janitor’s dog died of old age. To give back to Green the way he’s given to the bank all these years, his co-workers pitched in to help him get a new Yorkshire terrier puppy. In the video below, the good-natured employees surprise him with the pup.

”What is it?” Floyd asks,  after they tell him to look into the box. Clearly, he has no idea he’s in for a surprise.

Upon opening the box, he quickly closes it in surprise. That’s when he asks who the puppy is for. In elation, the group of staff workers say the dog is for him.

“It’s a she,” his colleague says. “She is yours.”

At this point, his excitement is palpable. Green carefully takes the new puppy out of the box and holds her in his hands.

”Really? Thank you!” he exclaims.

Watch the heartwarming footage:

Said an employee of the bank, ”Mr. Floyd Green has been working with our bank for over three decades. Our prosperity crew found out that his Yorkie died of old age, so our staff decided to all pitch in and get him a new one for his birthday. He is a sweet man and is the reason we look forward to Tuesdays and Fridays (the days he works with us).”

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