“It is Raining Plastic” At The Rocky Mountains In Colorado According To Researchers

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory
Researcher for the US Geological Survey, Gregory Weatherbee never really thought he would be witness to plastic microfibers raining from the sky near the Rocky Mountains. Little did he know that, when he was all about searching for rock and mineral particles.

While it sounds quite ridiculous, it is alarming. How far have we messed up that plastics have permeated every sector of this planet? This discovery has been recorded in a study rightfully called ‘It’s raining plastic.’

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Weatherbee believes that this would be an eye-opener for most people out there in America who believe that they have everything under control. This would be illuminating for most people all over if only to prove that all is not well. There is way more plastic in the environment than what meets the eye.

In order to study about Nitrogen pollution, Weatherbee had collected such rainwater samples from Colorado. After placing them under a microscope, he found out the rainwater contained molecules of rainbow micro-fibers, along with shards.

Albeit accidental, Weatherbee’s study is in tandem with a recent report which stated the same for the Pyrenees. It is already known that particles in the wind can travel up to thousands of kilometers and that the place of origin need not be the place of distribution. This is precisely why plastics have been found in the ocean trenches, groundwater in the USA, and most UK lakes.

Sherri Mason, a researcher in microplastics, believes that the major problem is trash. Most of the plastics left out in the open are not recycled and hence get mixed with anything that comes through. One other reason could be the washing of clothes, which led to plastic fibers mixing in with the water.

While it is nigh on impossible to locate the source of the plastics, Mason is of the opinion that anything having plastics as one of their fibers is responsible for this. Those plastics get released into the atmosphere through any which way and lead to a whole host of problems.

Sadly, while there have been big developments in the search for pollution, the research has been very inconclusive. Only 1% of the plastic pollutants have been accounted for, and the rest remain unknown, as said by Stefan Krause.

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To add to the tragedy, no one really knows how long it will take to flush this plastic out. Even worse than that, no one knows how long it has taken to reach this precarious state. Also, even if people were to stop using
plastic altogether in the span of a day, we still wouldn’t be able to find out either the source or stem the flow for at least several centuries.

Shockingly, humans have been consuming micro-plastic in various forms. And while it hasn’t been reportedly harming humans, it is a given that consuming plastic in any form isn’t a good deal. Also, micro-plastics are associated with toxic bacteria and other such hazardous chemicals. 

Mason believes that while there will always be several questions on how better we would have fared without consuming plastics, we may never know if there was a connection in any form.

Nonetheless, we need to start cutting down our plastic usage for a healthier planet.

Image credit: Todd Petrie

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