Is The Universe Just One Big Illusion?


by Luke Miller Truth Theory

Some of the ideas that we will explore in this article are very far removed from the current westernised scientific way of thinking. I encourage you to stay with me, because while they are alternative later in the article I provide sources from plenty of current and prominent scientific organisations that back up the ideas shared.

Many ancient civilisations thought that the world as we know it is in some way a projection of our consciousness and that in fact all that exists, does so within our minds. Also that consciousness is something shared, meaning that there is a collective consciousness that unifies all. For some this may be called god, in whichever form you see god, but for the sake of this not turning into a religious debate we will call it collective consciousness. The Ancient Egyptians, Ancient Mayans and Ancient Greeks all had philosophies and teachings that explored these ideas.

If you look into many of the high achievers of this world past and present, and the secret doctrines of many ancient and secret societies you will find there is a wide held belief that in fact consciousness created matter and not the other way around.

This is saying that while it may not be the scientifically validated and accepted way that we view the world, those who have managed to create a significant impact on the physical world have held this belief. Implying that if you can in some way see the world for it’s true illusory nature that you can manipulate it to your advantage.

Pioneers of the modern world such as Pythagoras, Rudolf Steiner, Isaac Newton, Leonardo Da Vinci and Plato all held this belief and were schooled in the ancient occult teachings that you would see practised these days by secret societies such as The Freemasons, The Knights Templar & The Rosicrucians.

It even has influence over composers/musicians such as Mozart, Beethoven and using a more current example Bob Dylan who when talking about working with producer Daniel Lanois had this to say “I would have liked to been able to give him the kinds of songs that he wanted, like ‘Masters of War,’ ‘Hard Rain,’ ‘Gates of Eden,’ but those kinds of songs were written under different circumstances, and circumstances never repeat themselves. Not exactly. I couldn’t get to those kinds of songs for him or anyone else. To do it, you’ve got to have power and dominion over the spirits. I had done it once, and once was enough. Someone would come along eventually who would have it again—someone who could see into things, the truth of things—not metaphorically, either—but really see, like seeing into metal and making it melt, see it for what it was and reveal it for what it was with hard words and vicious insight.” See how he highlighted he was not speaking in a metaphorical sense.

I think it is safe to say that there is no shortage of people, societies and civilisations past and present that have shared these beliefs and ideas. So before we get to the modern day scientist who are entertaining these concepts of the world having some kind of cosmic creator. I ask why does it get so much resistance? Taken from the book “The Secret History Of The World” by Jonathan Black- “Science has taken over from religion as the main agent of social control” Think about it, if you stand against the currently accepted parameters of what science deems to be true, you are ostracized in the same way you would have been if you committed blasphemy in times gone by.

There is so much that science cannot explain currently such as quantum entanglement, this is the process by which particles are split but cannot be separated in behaviour. Meaning if you take one particle to the other side of the earth and alter it, the other one will also be altered.

Or the double slit test, which shows us that observed matter behaves in a different way from matter which is not observed.

Current Views On An Alternative Reality:

In 2004 journalist Jonathan Leake wrote an article in the Sunday Times headlined “Top scientist asks: is life all just a dream?” The scientist in question is Professor Sir Martin Rees and he has suggested that “life, the universe and everything” may be no more than a giant computer simulation with humans reduced to bits of software.

Rees has said this is just a theory, but it is gaining attention from other eminent physicists and cosmologists. The argument behind it is that just small alterations in many of the fundamental forces such as gravity would wreak havoc in our solar system, destroying the world as we know it implying that perhaps there is a superior level of intelligence at work.

A similar theory for this is called “the multiverse theory” Paul Davies professor of natural philosophy at Macquarie University’s Australian Centre for Astrobiology shared this in an article named “Be warned, this could be the matrix” in which he explained

“The one they have come up with is multiple universes, or “the multiverse”. This theory says that what we have been calling “the universe” is nothing of the sort. Rather, it is an infinitesimal fragment of a much grander and more elaborate system in which our cosmic region, vast though it is, represents but a single bubble of space amid a countless number of other bubbles, or pocket universes.”

He continued- “Things get interesting when the multiverse theory is combined with ideas from sub-atomic particle physics. Evidence is mounting that what physicists took to be God-given unshakeable laws may be more like local by-laws, valid in our particular cosmic patch, but different in other pocket universes. Travel a trillion light years beyond the Andromeda galaxy, and you might find yourself in a universe where gravity is a bit stronger or electrons a bit heavier.”

John Barrow, professor of mathematical sciences at Cambridge University is someone who has also entertained these ideas. Saying “Civilisations only a little more advanced than ourselves will have the capability to simulate universes in which self-conscious entities can emerge and communicate with one another,”

Nick Bostrom Faculty of Philosophy, Oxford University has a website dedicated to these ideas on which he published a paper “Are you living in a computer simulation” in which he claims “We are almost certainly living in a computer simulation.”

Some of these ideas may be hard to comprehend at the level of consciousness that the current system was created. But as more people are entering altered states through practices such as meditation, yoga, self awareness and the use of psychedelic substances more are becoming open to the idea that maybe all is not what it seems. But then maybe we are wrong, and I guess this is something that will have to be left for to you to decide. Please feel free to join the conversation in the comments section. Much love, Luke.

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