Irish Schools Institute Rules Prohibiting Homework, But Set Up Acts of Kindness Instead


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

How often have we rued winter vacations for filling us up with homework from school? Not anymore. School children of Clonakilty’s Gaelscoil Mhichíl Uí Choileáin have now been advised to spread the true spirit of Christmas by being kind to all. Their homework- spread kindness.

This isn’t the first time that the school has set up something unique. The previous year, the school asked the students to write about gratitude during Christmas. Their family and they had to fill in a Dialann Buíochas which is a Gratitude Diary with everything they were thankful for.

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This year, they have to bring out acts of kindness, which they have to put it in the Dialann Cineáltais which is the Kindness Diary. They could either put it in writing or pictures.

While the school has doled out some suggestions on how to go forward with it, children are advised to literally think of anything that will brighten up someone else’s day. It could be talking to a neighbour or helping out a relative.

To add to this, the school has instituted a Buicéad Cineáltais, where students will write kind things about each other and read it out in the morning Assembly. At the end of the assembly, each class would try brainstorming an idea of community service. They would all be thinking about the betterment of society in Christmassy spirit- ar fheabhas ar fad!

The initiative was posted on Facebook by the Vice Principal Íde Ní Mhuirí. She mentioned that the main motive behind this was to educate children about simply being kind and human. Christmas is a time when everyone ought to enjoy to their fullest. But it was a sad travesty that not everyone could. And if someone could put even a small smile on their faces, it would be worth a million dollars.

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The idea was simple- kindness didn’t cost a thing. And if children could actually work towards the betterment of society, all the better.

Christmas is about spreading kindness amongst everyone you can find. There is no greater joy than spreading a smile on someone’s face during this period when the year is about to end. The birth of Christ has always been the most celebrated event throughout the year, and wouldn’t it be amazing if these little kids managed to make at least one person smile?

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