Internet Uproar After Pakistani Woman Dresses Her Husband In Burqa


By Mandy Froelich / Truth Theory

In the United States and in Europe, people, for the most part, dress however they please. But, in more conservative countries, freedom of expression isn’t viewed so lightheartedly. In Pakistan, for instance, Islamic women are expected to abide by cultural norms and wear a burqa. Earlier this week, however, a Pakistani activist challenged gender stereotypes by sharing a photograph of her husband wearing the garment. The internet has since been set ablaze.

“This is my beautiful husband. Of course, you can’t see how beautiful he is because I make sure he keeps his beauty (read: identity) hidden as I am the only true haqdaar of it,” Héra Mannan Khan wrote on her Mewlyweds Instagram page. “Everything he is, all his achievements, dreams, all of his fkn life, he owes it to me.”

Khan added that she prefers her husband Waleed Ahmed Saeed Khan stay home. Despite this, she took him to dinner last night. She wrote that they ate steroid-free chicken because she doesn’t “want his fertility to be affected because his major purpose of existing is to give me children and make me a mother.”  

“I Iove how he modestly hides himself while going out,” she added, “I wouldn’t want him to get molested.”

“I, on the other hand, can roam around and loiter on my own…in my tank top in my spaghetti strap top or even shirtless, because I am a woman,” Khan wrote. The activist added that she isn’t afraid of being assaulted by other women. “And even if they do, I will not talk about it because it will prove me weak and defenseless in front of the whole wide world. A woman is not supposed to be weak, you know, we were created to be strong and macho.”

In the post, Waleed boasted that she allows Waleed to go to work and drive. She added that once she ensures he remains pious, she will “get to sleep with 70 virgins in the afterlife.” Several hashtags were added, including #smashingpatriarchy and #endrapeculture.

The internet had a field day with the post. For the most part, the couple has received many encouraging comments.

Of course, hateful feedback was received, as well.

To those who left hateful comments, Khan replied: “it ain’t my responsibility to teach you how satire works” and “people like you are exactly the problem. You are the reason I had to put up such a post in the first place.”\

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Khan followed up with another post showing her husband holding her handbag. She wrote, “Men, you must show your wives as much love, tenderness, and respect as they do to you. Don’t be ashamed of that.”

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