Internet Raises Funds For Homeless Man Who Stood In Rain To Guard Stranger’s Money

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When presented with an opportunity to make quick cash (ie. steal it), what would you do? Most people, unfortunately, would likely act on that opportunity. Fortunately for a man who had made the mistake of leaving his cash in an easily accessible spot, a homeless man named James John McGeown guarded it until he returned.

The Telegraph reports that McGeown was standing outside a court in Glasgow when he spotted a car with its window down. Inside, a bag of money was left in “full view.” Concerned for the owner, McGeown decided to wait outside of the car and guard it.

For two-and-a-half hours, the homeless man waited in the rain. Because he couldn’t wait forever, he eventually decided to hand the bag into a nearby solicitor’s office, who called the police. After receiving his funds back, John McMonagle, from Clydebank, called the gracious act “amazing.” To reward McMonagle, he later started a GoFundMe campaign.

“Homeless James noticed the window down and seen the handbag,” McMonagle explained. “He stood in the frozen rain for two-and-a-half hours to make sure no one entered my car. He was so cold he took the bag and rummaged through it to see if there was any ID.”

“This man is homeless and alcohol dependent and an absolute gentleman,” added McMonagle. “We were even having some banter on realising I follow the opposite Glasgow team from him, he said, ‘if I knew that I would have taken the bag!’.”

So far, hundreds of people have donated to the online campaign. In a short period of time, it has raised more than £17,000.

“We are raising money for James and homeless people in Glasgow and Clydebank,” the campaign says. “The money will be entrusted to John McMonagle to use for the above – also the first £5,000 will go exclusively James.”

Wrote one donator: “How can you deny helping any honest person, in a time of need. Wishing you a Happy Christmas and a bright future!” Another added: “It’s so nice to know there is still nice people out there with good hearts. Hope this helps to change his life.”

The crowdfunding platform couldn’t stay silent about the good deed, either. A spokesperson for GoFundMe said: “This is a great tale of kindness on the run up to Christmas. This year we’ve seen thousands of heartwarming stories of people helping others on GoFundMe and it’s incredible to see how people have rallied around James.”

What a heartening story, especially around the holiday season. Please comment your thoughts below and share this news!

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