Instagram Artist Shares Spirit Animals In 22 Powerful Images

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BLuke Miller Truth Theory

Do you know what your spirit animal is?

It is thought that there are 4 main dimensions of existence in the physical reality on earth. The first is that of the mineral kingdom, which is comprised of rocks, crystals, stones and the like. The second would be the plant (or vegetable) kingdom, which includes all plants, fruit and vegetables. The third is that of the animal kingdom- which is comprised of all fish, mammals, birds etc. The fourth is the human kingdom which has an even further level of complexity than the animal kingdom with its ability to complexify and rationalise on a level most animals cannot.

This school of thought also contains different levels of human consciousness such as the genius, the prophet and the god man, making it 7 levels total. The idea is all the higher levels contain the lower levels, but the lower levels not the higher. Meaning a rock is only in the mineral kingdom, but a plant will be both mineral and plant.

This leads us to spirit animals, which by this way of thinking means that all animals exist within us. However, it is also thought that we only have 1 main spirit animal, although many people identify with many.

Instagram artist @jojoesart has captured these spirits magically by blending animals with symbols related to the spirit. Below are 22 of these powerful images:

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