How You Can Support The Standing Rock Protests: Even Remotely


By Jess Murray Truth Theory

Once again, the internet is winning over historic events that mainstream media at first tried to keep quiet.

Just a few weeks ago, the events currently heavily unfolding at Standing Rock were very much hidden, as very little reporting was done on the historic event. But now, articles including images and videos are emerging in increasing numbers as each day passes.

The ongoing stand against the Dakota Access Pipeline is a protest led by an array of indigenous tribes, to stop the building of a pipeline which will transport 470,000 barrels of crude oil each day, and as a consequence, take away the drinking water supply of over 18 million people.

As the protest continues in a huge attempt to stop the access pipeline, a new divestment campaign has begun to directly target, and publicise, the major creditors who are aiding the building of the pipeline.

A list of 17 banks who are directly funding the enormous project was published recently by Food and Water Watch, including a list of these banks’ CEO’s names, phone numbers and email addresses.

A major reason for this is that it has been claimed that banks are much more susceptible to public pressure than that of the oil and gas companies, who rely on the finance of these key investors. The Food and Water Watch report revealed that the 1,170 mile underground pipeline is currently back by $10.25 million in financial support.

Outrage was sparked after Wells Fargo was named as the pipeline’s second largest financial backer, investing a huge $467 million so far. The named bank is currently the US’ most controversial bank, after it was revealed that it gained hundreds of millions of dollars in profits by opening two million fake customer accounts from 2011-2015.

It has also been stated that Wells Fargo acts as Energy Transfer Partners’ administrative loan agent, which gives it a qualitatively bigger role in fuelling the pipeline than any other bank.

Whilst Army Corps of Engineers reviewed the disputed access pipeline, claiming that they would listen to protectors of the water before making their final decision, protests still continued as many claimed that they were highly skeptical about this promise, including as many as 2,000 activists carrying out a “sunrise ceremony” in front of the San Francisco City Hall holding signs stating “stand up to big oil” and “protect our water”.

Protester Kristen Nadarija said, “If our water is polluted, if there’s nothing left to drink, if our food is all polluted. everyone is going to be dying the way they’re dying of cancer and all the diseases that are on the rise”.

It has been claimed that nearly 470 protestors have been arrested since August for protecting their water supply and sacred sights of thousands of Native Americans, including 12 activists who were arrested in San Francisco whilst protesting Citibank’s funding of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

It appears that an increasing amount of activists are getting involved with protests as the news of the anti-pipeline stands are becoming more widespread. Events are now being planned in advance including this one which you can join on Facebook: (Click here)

IMAGE CREDIT: Wikipidea/Standing Rock Rising


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