Injured Swan Doesn’t Want To Stop “Hugging” The Man Who Saved Her

swan hugged the man

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

In a touching act of gratitude, a swan hugged the man who had helped him recover from an injury. A few years back, Richard Wiese had visited the Abbotsbury Swannery in the UK. He was there to host a show called “Born to Explore”. This was the first time he met this injured swan.

Abbotsbury Swannery has the largest collection of the wild swans and its aim is to rehab the injured fowls.

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The swan got accidentally caught up in a wire-mesh fence while flying. Richard was the one who nursed him, making sure the swan is feeling comfortable. He made him feel better and then the swan was sent to a sanctuary for further treatment.

1577649651 swan1

After a few years, Richard was reunited with the swan and the latter seemed to remember him very well. The swan hugged the man in an affectionate display of gratitude.

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The swan didn’t have a good reputation and he was known to be aggressive and mean. But he remembered Richard’s care and hugged him. As they hugged, Richard could hear the swan’s heart-beats and said that he felt comfortable and safe.

1577649661 swan4

Richard said that it feels wonderful to have an animal trusting you completely. Swans are not known to be very affectionate and are known to be territorial in nature. They are also known to defend their nests from human beings. But this swan hugged the man and was content in doing so.

swan hugged the man

The swan wrapped his neck around Richard’s and just surrendered himself. The swan did not attack Richard or try to go back. Rather he recognized his savior and gave him an unforgettable hug. Richard said that it is an awesome feeling to form bonds with animals who can’t communicate verbally.

Image: Born to Explore

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