In South Dakota The Monument Of The Native American Hero “Crazy Horse” Is Slowly Taking Shape

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Ta Sunko Witko, a hero among Native Americans, was a leader of the Lakota tribe. His warrior skills were so famous that his people called him “Crazy Horse.” This Native American warrior not only showed his bravery while fighting for his people and land, but he also had high hopes of safeguarding his native traditions. 

One of the legendary battles he is known for is the battle of Little Bighorn. He took up a fight against the American government while trying to save his tradition and slew General Custer in the process. 

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Native American Warrior Finds A Home In North Dakota

This icon often said that the native Americans preferred their own way of life and that they just wanted to be left in peace. This legendary Native American warrior is finally being given a place of honor at Black Hills, South Dakota. The Black Hills is a place of great significance for the Lakota people. 

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The iconic monument is finally taking shape after 70 years of construction. According to sources, it will take another century to finish. 

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The gigantic monument is just 17 miles away from Mount Rushmore. It is so enormous that it has the potential to shadow all the four US presidents on Rushmore. The current Lakota chief, Standing Bear, initiated the creation of this monument. He said that he wanted white Americans to remember the legendary Native American warrior. 

The project has been taken up by Korczak Ziolkowski, a Polish-American sculptor. 

Ziolkowski began the project in 1948 and worked on it till his death. The main reason for the slow progress of this titanic monument is because they have a small number of funds.

Monument Will Take Another Century To Finish 

Ziolkowski’s wife said that the sculptor was passionate about this project and was determined to finish it even if he had to pay a heavy price. 

Unfortunately, Ziolkowski passed away in 1982. After that, his loving wife and his seven children continued to work on the monument. Not only that, but even Ziolkowski’s grandchildren are working on it. 

The Native American warrior’s face started emerging in the 1990s. The monument is one of a kind and will be one of the largest around the globe. 

But over the last few decades, the family has involved engineers in the project. They said that they want to work with the mountain and not destroy it in the process. Dark Horse will be riding a stallion, and the head of the stallion will be nearly 22 stories high. 

The finish date of the monument is still uncertain. Monique, Ziolkowski’s daughter explained that the project was being done slowly and meticulously. She added that Ziolkowski’s details are being followed exactly. 

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This iconic monument is a work of art funded by the people. It includes private donations, and they have started to sell tickets for it too. 

The site will not only house the iconic monument, but it will also have a museum and a Native American University. 

Just days before this Native American warrior passed away, he said that he wanted all men to stand together and come together as one. 

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