The Illusion Of Separation: 5 Things Every Human Being Has In Common

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By Luke Miller Truth Theory

Many cultures across the globe look at humanity as a singular unit, meaning if I feel pain it is just a reflection of the collective pain we are all experiencing, if I succeed, we are all succeeding and vice versa. This is a different narrative from that which is currently perpetuated in the competitive society that is advertised daily in the media, and encouraged by the social constructs that underpin western society.

The truth is we are all the same. Genetically we are made up of the same stuff, we all bleed the same, feel the same emotions (just at different degrees) and we are all individual cells in an organism in which if we do not work together, the organism is slowly destroyed. This is apparent from the current state of the environment, the turbulent relations between many countries and the inequality that has rapidly widened in recent times.

We are all the same, and I don’t say this as a wishy washy hippy- thinking we should all just join hands singing all you need is love and all the problems in the world will vanish. It is just stating the obvious, and in this article I am going to share 5 things that we all share common ground on:

We Are All Human

I thought I would start with the most obvious, we are all human- we all share the same basic needs and we are all the same in this way. If I do not drink water, it is the same as if you do not drink water. If I do not breathe I have the same amount of limited life in me as you do. We all get hot, we all get cold, we all have the same emotions and feelings too different degrees. Every person on this planet has the same ability to thrive in the right environment, in the same way we can all become victims of our environment. We are all very fragile, but also durable in different ways. We have all been through tough times and we have all had moments of beauty.

The only real difference is we are born in different environments and as a result we behave differently. This is something we cannot control. So to hate someone for this reason is really just fear, masquerading as strength. We are all the same at this human level and even if we stretch out to the whole animal kingdom and universe we still all have in common that we are living and we instinctively want to continue to thrive.

We All Speak The Language Of Humour

We all have a different sense of humour, however there is one thing that is universally funny- Laughter, when you drop your ego and fear of being the thing that people are laughing at, laughter in a group becomes the joke itself. A good laugh is something we all share common ground on and an unconsciously agreed upon language to share that something has made up happy.

We All Have The Ability To Be Affected By Sound    

This is true with all sound, however for this example I will emphasise and importance on music. We all have different taste in music, however if you put 2 people in the same space, who speak a different language and add some beautiful music to the scene the 2 people hear the shame thing, they share the same experience and often feel the same feelings.

Music is one thing that has the collective ability to change the state of an unlimited amount of people in an instant.

Food Destroys Any Language Barrier

When 2 or more people sit down for a good meal, we have the same agenda, we need to fuel our bodies and the food in front of us was put here to do so. Regardless of if we are white, black, gay straight, male or female- a sandwich is a sandwich, and we all have the same desire to feed ourselves. Tomorrow will be the same we will wake up and we will all want to eat breakfast, and the cycle continues. When you share food with someone you are breaking down the barriers of communication and sharing a sacred moment. Often we look for complex solutions for our problems, when maybe breaking down the barriers and accepting that we all have the same basic needs could do us justice.

We All Need Love

It could be argued that love is the most fundamental of human needs, it does not have the same urgency as breathing, drinking or eating, however it does break us down when we feel unloved or like we have nobody to love.

Even the hate we feel is born out of love, because ultimately love and hate are the same thing just at a different end of the spectrum. With this in mind if you look at the war criminal, the racist or the misogynist- they are all just coming from a place that either has the perceived threat of taking away love from their life or because they are lacking the ability to love in their life.

Ultimately we are all the same and the only separation that exists is the illusion of separation in our minds. We all have the same basics wants and needs, it is often the human language that instills fear and separates us. When we come back to our hearts and operate from a space of love we realise there is no separation, just the illusion of separation. Please share this article with someone you love!



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