IKEA Unveils Free 3D-Printable Furniture Attachments For People With Disabilities


By Mandy Froelich / Truth Theory

Go, IKEA! The progressive Swedish company recently announced that it is offering 3D-printable furniture attachments to make its products more user-friendly.

The “ThisAbles” series contains 13 free blueprints. According to GoodNewsNetwork, they were created in partnership with the Access Israel and Milbat charities for disadvantaged people.

The open-access updates can be easily downloaded from the internet. ThisAbles available include a contraption that makes smaller buttons easier to press, door blockers that prevent wheelchairs from damaging the exterior, and an attachable handle that makes opening cabinet doors a breeze.

All that is required is access to the internet and a 3D-printer. Once the devices are printed, they can easily be attached to IKEA brand desks, cupboards, and more.

“It was important for us to create maximum access in every aspect of the project – from the designated site that we constructed for the project, that was adapted for people with disabilities, to the products themselves, some of which can even be printed independently in a 3D printer based on models that we have made available to the general public,” explains the website.

Watch the video below to learn more:

If you have a suggestion for a ThisAble add-on, suggestions are being accepted for future designs that can be shared for free.

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