IKEA is Testing a Take-Back Program to Prevent Furniture From Ending Up in Landfills

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By Amanda Froelich Truth Theory

IKEA is proving its commitment to the environment once again. After unveiling its hydroponic system that enables citizens to grow vegetables year-round without a garden, the Swedish superstore announced it is testing a take-back pilot to prevent its furniture from polluting landfills.

Explained the IKEA website: 

“At IKEA Tempe, we’re committed to creating a more sustainable future. […] Whether you want to breathe new life into unwanted items, or part ways with them for good, we’re here to help.”

IKEA Tempe is encouraging customers to recycle unwanted goods and benefit the local community by bringing tables, couches, and more back to the establishment. If an item qualifies for the service, IKEA Tempe will provide the customer with a voucher to be spent at the store. By enabling citizens to upcycle their unwanted goods (rather than throw them away), the company’s contribution to landfills is minimized.

The Swedish giant is going to great lengths to aid shoppers. For the extent of the trial, IKEA has partnered with GoGet. Customers are given a free two-hour access to a GoGet vehicle to return the product to the store.

There are five steps to the pilot program. First, a customer must contact the store and see the product requirements. Then, they must submit a submission form. After receiving a proposal from IKEA, the shopper then has 14 days to deliver the product to IKEA Tempe. At the store, the consumer receives a store voucher which can only be used at IKEA Tempe. Finally, the Swedish chain takes care of your discarded item in a responsible manner.

Part of IKEA’s vision is to teach shoppers how to live more sustainably. IKEA Tempe will be hosting workshops to share DIY skills and more.

The new initiative will undoubtedly benefit the environment. Hopefully, it inspires citizens to adopt sustainable habits so a healthier, more harmonious Earth can be co-created. Please comment below and share this news!

Source: IKEA

Image Credit: Flickr, Håkan Dahlström

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