Hungary Is Building $1 Billion Carbon Free, Mini City From Scratch

Balaton Hungary Landscape

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

According to
Bloomberg, Hungary is planning to create a carbon-neutral city from scratch. FAKT, the German property investment company is investing $1.1 billion on the land that measures up to 1.27 square miles used for infrastructural and horticultural projects. It would be providing jobs for 5000 people.

The main idea behind this is the conversion of coal to clean energy in the country. For this, they are initiating with the newest man-made city, which would be fueled with biogas and solar power.

Bloomberg reports that the city would be extremely vivid and well-maintained, with greenhouses that would help in the continent’s supply of fruits and vegetables. Also provided are 1000 apartments, kindergarten, elementary schools and other forms of education.

Istvan Nagy, the minister for Agriculture mentioned to German Broadcaster Deutsche Welle that this would be one of the most important landmarks of not just Hungary, but Europe as a whole. For, this was the biggest undertaking in
terms of horticultural and food industrial projects go.

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Horticulture in greenhouses is said to grow extremely fast in the coming years. In fact, if Deutsche Welle is to be believed, it is the EU’s fastest growing agricultural sector.

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