Hundreds of Dead Sharks Just Washed Ashore in the Persian Gulf

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By  Amanda Froelich Truth Theory

A terrible discovery was recently made by officials in Iran. Earlier this week, hundreds of dead sharks were found on the shores of Shif island. According to Hossein Delshab, an official in the city of Bushehr, the incident has raised “an alarm about the extinction of sharks.”

The sharks weren’t killed off by a natural disaster. Rather, they were illegally butchered by fishermen, who sawed off their fins before tossing them back into the water. Currents eventually carried the carcasses to shore.

Though shark fishing has been banned in the area since 2014, the high demand for their fins hasn’t deterred poachers from hunting the aquatic wildlife. The demand is primarily driven by the belief that shark fins can help with sexual disorders.

Though it is unlikely the perpetrators will be caught — at least for this recent violation, those who are arrested face fins up to $7,000.

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Credit: BBC

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