How To Find Your True Voice

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By Luke Miller / Truth Theory

Yesterday I wrote this article you are about to read, and then proceeded to go out and spend some time with friends at a birthday party. When I arrived they were drawing oracle cards and the first one I saw had the word synchronicity on it. Synchronicity is the word used to describe 1 or more meaningful coincidences that happen simultaneously. For example you think of someone and they call you. 

There were about 10 people in this circle and after the cards had been drawn we all started to share the meaning we felt in the cards. Many of the people in the circle shared words about finding their true voice. It was only towards the end of the night that I remembered the headline of this article, I then shared this with the group and how synchronistic it all was. 

What do you do?

What do you do? A loaded question that is often responded to quickly with a job title and not much more. Words are power and the language we use to describe ourselves builds a structure of how we see ourselves. Who you are, is far more than a job title. It is what makes you smile, what fills your heart with joy and excites you even on the days that you don’t feel like life is all that magical. Finding that definition within is not about having it ready to share with the world, but truly knowing who you are at your core and how to find your true voice.

Be Honest 

The first step to knowing yourself is honesty. Internal honesty. When you can look yourself in the eyes and know with complete certainty that you are being honest about your current situation, who you are at your core will start to rise to the surface of your being. 

Have Purpose 

The one true human desire is to be in service to others. If part of your professional or personal life does not tick this box, you will always be left feeling unfulfilled. True purpose is derived from having at least a part of your life that is not about you and about how you can best serve.  


When trying to define who we are, it is easy to create a laundry list of a million and one things that create a labyrinth for our mind. But to simplify in a simple and easy to digest way is an art form. Sometimes starting with why you do what you do can be helpful, and then finding a golden thread that weaves its way through all you do. For example, let’s say you are a fitness instructor and you are qualified to teach yoga, kettle bell classes and athletics. The reason behind your teaching is to help people gain confidence through exercise. You could say- I help people gain confidence through exercise.

This is far simpler than listing all your qualifications. This is also not for anyone else’s benefit, because while it can help those you are in service to if you are clear, this is more for you to remember so you are clear on your purpose.  

Be Passionate 

Passion for what you do can manifest in many forms. But if you do not feel a driving force behind what you are doing, chances are you are out of alignment. Find that one thing that when you are doing it for 5 hours, it feels like 5 minutes. That subject that when it comes up, you light up with pure enthusiasm in your love for it. 

Own Your Position

Just because you love something, doesn’t mean that you need to be an expert in it and this again comes back to the point on honesty. If you have nothing to hide, then you wont feel like you need to. Be a proud amateur Game Of Thrones enthusiast without needing to know all the characters names. You can still love something and not really know that much about it, in the same way you can despise something and be an expert in it. Own where you are in your journey with that you are passionate about, this is how to find your true voice.

Be Willing To Change 

Life is subject to change and no moment is ever wasted. If you spend 10 years in the medical profession and all of a sudden you feel a strong desire to become a gardener, honor that. We are ever changing in every moment, and sometimes the definition we had changes from moment to moment. 

The moment you are ready to, you can find your true voice, start with the intention and then follow the magic to get there!

Thank you!

Thank you so much for reading. I would love it if you would send this to your loved ones and share on your social media. It helps us more than you could imagine 🙂 


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