How The Technology Behind Bitcoin Will Change The World


by Mike Sygula,

I believe that Blockchain – the technology behind Bitcoin is so revolutionary, it will disrupt many industries over the next decade. We are still in the early days, you can compare it to the internet in 1995, before Google, Facebook, and other big players. The Blockchain can be used to run all sorts of tasks on the web and create different services and operations. Thanks to the platforms like Ethereum, new dapps (decentralized apps) are being created every month now. One of the main aspects of this technology is decentralization which can eliminate the middleman. At the moment, Western Union is charging for international transfers and banks charge a lot for sending money to different places around the globe. Cryptocurrency can eliminate that, fees can be super low and transfer of money instant. But blockchain is so much more, Bitcoin is  just the beginning, the implications of this technology are enormous, check out some of my thoughts on this subject:

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