How I Proved Bitcoin = Time + Financial Freedom

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Plunged into the wilderness of intense fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD), in Jan 2017 I knew not where my future income was to come from. I had just left a full time position with my personal mentor, healer and psychic Sidra Jafri and her School of Awakening to begin the next step in my journey to become an entrepreneur.


Despite almost drowning in the overwhelming waves of FUD, Sidra’s often said words kept repeating in my head about the importance of developing multiple streams of income. I latched onto these keywords as a lifeline. I took the lifeline further. Did you know you can earn money while you sleep, when you are ill, while visiting family and friends or engaging in your favourite passion projects? Developing multiple streams of passive income became my intense focus.


Why develop multiple streams of passive income?

Because if one income stream dried up for whatever reason I would have others generating regular passive income while I am away on holiday, visiting family, ill, performing voluntary work, etc. Passive income is so underrated and misunderstood! The end goal for such an ambitious thought? I wanted to retire permanently from full time work and free up my time long term to focus more on my important voluntary work for the late yoga master Dr. George King (1919-1997) and The Aetherius Society and other personal ambitions.


Did I know how to develop passive income?

Hell no! I knew there must be ways to do it. A huge driving force for me was that I did NOT want to go back to full time work. After working full time for some 16 years I simply had enough. So I reached out for a solution through prayer and meditation. I received responses. I acted on the guidance provided. A series of not-by-chance encounters led me into the world of cryptocurrencies and the company of two hugely successful men. They have become good friends and mentors since.


I discovered a global revolution was building. One on par with if not greater than the internet. Yes that big! Most of the world didn’t know of it. Only a small fraction of the few that did, held any cryptocurrency. In the Summer of 2017 I had an intuition that if I continued to educate myself about the cutting edge world of cryptocurrency I could position myself to help others to carefully manage their risks and profit from it.


How to buy Bitcoin? Which cryptocurrencies to buy? Where to store them? How to safeguard them from hacks? How to liquidate cryptocurrencies into pounds, dollars and other fiat currency? I became obsessed with answering these and other questions.


In May 2017 I put 1700 Euros into a bitcoin generating opportunity. Within 6 months that grew into an opportunity that was earning me more than 350 Euros a day (7000 Euros a month) in bitcoin. That was one of 6 income streams that I had cooking for me during 2017.


Through my love affair I have come to believe that EVERYONE should have cryptocurrency in their portfolio of investments in one way or another. Many internet companies failed during the tech boom and bust of the late 1990s/early 2000s. Yet Amazon, Google, Facebook, Ebay came out of the graveyard of failed projects to dominate the internet landscape. Similarly many cryptocurrencies will fail, but many are expected to go on to become as big as the internet giants so mentioned, if not bigger.


The more I educated myself, the more I shared with others how they too can profit from the crypto revolution. Many wanted in on this love affair. I helped them to start profiting from this fast moving world.


The hardest thing I have ever done was make this transition from employee mindset to an entrepreneurial mindset. As an entrepreneur the responsibility of creating income comes from you 100%. There is no dependency on an employer’s monthly or weekly salary. The employee mindset, for me, became one of dependency, laziness and being stuck in a comfort zone a part of me did not want to leave. Life in the comfort zone was easy.


Travelling the road of entrepreneurship was not what I wanted. But it is exactly what I needed to break free from the soul-stifling comfort zone prison to embrace a much greater freedom of expression. I feel more alive now as an entrepreneur than at any other point during 16 years as an employee and I am now earning more regular passive income than any previous regular income stream when I was an employee!


How did I succeed in developing more passive income than ever before?


By being open and brave enough to challenge the programming that kept me stuck in life, especially with finances.


Working on my beliefs, trauma, patterns from my earlier years, ancestral lineage and past lives.

Constantly chipping away at my FUD in many different ways.


Being open to learning and working with brilliant mentors like Sidra Jafri, Darren Matadeen, Avinash Nagamah and others who have achieved a high degree of personal development and crypto success.


We have far greater power within ourselves to influence the direction our lives take. If we do not accept and act on this truth then we have attached ourselves to believing a freedom crippling lie.


As part of Truth Theory’s mission to provide solution based media I will be sharing how to increase and safeguard our “wealth” through cryptocurrency and overcome internal blocks to wealth manifestation – not only financially but also emotionally and mentally.
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