Horse Pretends To Be Dead Every Time Someone Tries To Ride It


By John Vibes / Truth Theory

Frasisco Zalasar, a horse trainer from Durango City, recently posted videos to his Facebook page showing a horse named Jingang attempting to play dead every time someone attempts to ride him.


It is not clear whether Frasisco was actually one of the trainers in the video, or if he was simply resharing a video that was sent to him.



The video showed numerous encounters where the animal threw itself to the ground when it was approached or mounted by a human.


One of the trainers in the video can be heard saying that the behavior is “cute but naughty.”


The video presented the scenes as the silly antics of defiant animal, and many of the comments on the video seemed to show amusement at what was happening.


However, when looked at from an animal rights perspective, it seems obvious that the horse is not just playing around, but legitimately wants to be left alone.


Animals are a part of our lives, sometimes as pets and others as co-workers, but there has to be a point where an animal can refuse service and exercise its own free will.  Watch the video and decide for yourself. Is this animal abuse, or is it just horsing around?

Photos and video courtesy of Frasisco Zalasar

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