Horse Breaks Down “Emotionally” After Smelling And Hugging Late Owner’s Casket

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

We are all aware of the majestic horses – they are animals who are our friends and who may have helped us for time immemorial. We have ridden on horses, used them to pull the plows, and even made them military and police animals to save the city in times of need. However, with cars, the demand for horses lowered. We don’t see them around too much unless we are watching a Wild West movie. But that doesn’t mean that they are not there in certain pockets. Many people own horses in their ranches or keep them as pets. At times, they go for riding them too.

But many people fail to understand that horses can develop a great bond with human beings too.


Wagner Lima found his best friend in his horse, Sereno. In their house in Brazil, they were the best of friends. They had been with each other for about 8 years and could not live without one another. 

But the happiness was not going to last for long. One day, Wagner went out on his motorcycle and met with a tragic accident. He lost consciousness immediately and soon passed away.

Sereno waited for his friend’s return for a long time. He did not come back. Sereno must have thought that his best friend must have forgotten about him. Dejected, he turned away from any happiness in life.

Seeing his condition, the family understood what must have happened. They could not hide the truth from Sereno anymore. They took him to the church where Wagner’s funeral was taking place. When Wando, the brother of Wagner, entered the church with Sereno, Sereno broke down. He could smell his late friend who lay motionless in the coffin.

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Getting very emotional, Sereno rested his head against the coffin and bid his last goodbye. He began hitting the ground in anger, frustration, and helplessness. Wager’s brother will care for the horse now, but things will no longer be the same as Sereno. His friend is nowhere to be found.

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Things might look emotional but according to Robin Foster, an equine behaviorist, horses, and humans form a bond over reciprocal altruism. When the owner rewards the horse with love and kindness, they get it back. That’s how they create a bond.

And as we can see, it can be a beautiful one. 


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