Hong Kong Airport Rolls Out Cleaning Robots And Full-Body Disinfection Booths

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

There is no denying the fact that the global pandemic has affected all the spheres of our lives and moving forward, some things will remain irreversibly changed. 

With many new practices being implemented in our sanitation protocols, the International Airport in Hong Kong has topped it all by launching cleaning robots and full-body disinfectant booths. 

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The booths, called Cleantech, are used for sanitizing and disinfecting people. The entire process only takes a couple of minutes. The person, before entering Cleantech, is checked for temperature. Then they enter the booth where they are exposed to antimicrobial coating and sanitizers, killing any germs or viruses found on the surface of our cloth or body. 

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Cleantech uses the photocatalyst and “nano-needles” technology and can remotely disinfect any surface. The Hong Kong International Airport’s website informs us that negative pressure is maintained in the channel to avoid any cross-contamination between the outside environment and the inside of the booth. 

Although the antimicrobial coating is currently being used only by the airport employees involved in the sanitizing protocol, reports suggest that the coating will be introduced into public life soon. The antimicrobial coating reportedly has also been tested on sensitive and vulnerable surfaces such as door handles, public transport buses, seats, and toilets. The authorities claimed that after the test run ends, they will consider introducing it permanently in their disinfection measures. 

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You might even be surprised if you see tall futuristic robots cleaning at the Hong Kong International Airport. 

Intelligent Sterilization Robots in Hong Kong airport

The autonomous robots are instructed to roam around the airport terminal and identify surfaces that are often used by the public and then sanitize and disinfect those areas. You might encounter these cleaning robots in airport facilities, like the cafeteria or the public washroom.

The AAs claim that Intelligent Sterilisation Robots are capable of killing 99.99 percent of bacteria on any surface within just 10 minutes. 

Deputy director of service delivery, Hong Kong International Airport, Steven Yiu told the press that the safety and health security of the public and airport employees was paramount. 

While lamenting the decline of the air travel economy in this dark time of the global pandemic, Yiu struck a positive chord and claimed that even though the traffic has substantially fallen, the Airport Authorities are ensuring that anyone who wants to travel, travels safely. The concept of cleaning robots can be used in other airports as well.



The deputy director promised that the Airport Authorities would work tirelessly and continue to brainstorm on new techniques to add to the sanitizing and disinfecting protocols. 

So, whether you are ready or not, Artificial Intelligence has entered our daily life. Resistance to science and technology is what has been hampering our efforts in flattening the curve. The truth of the matter is that this pandemic requires a modern solution like cleaning robots. The widespread disinfectant technologies will change healthcare forever.

Image Credits: Hong Kong International Airport



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