Homeless Woman Known As The “Subway Soprano” Scores A Record Deal

Emily Zamourka 1

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Whenever we look at Hollywood or the world of talent and glamor, we tend to realize: that’s how networking can make you big. Yes – we all know that – you have money, you have power. If you are in a good place in life and can make new friends, you can direct your life along the lines of your passion. You want to be an actor, you can just talk to a guy and might even land a deal. You want to be a singer, go to another guy, pay some money, and you get a record deal. Everything nowadays depends on your bank account and ‘the guy you know’. Talent seems to have taken a back seat.

Imagine being talented but living on the streets – will such talent ever see the light of the day?

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It seems like some people are lucky to make their talent shine. That’s the inspiring story of Emily Zamourka. She is a homeless woman who mostly stayed in a subway station. Her passion and talent – singing. Once upon a time, her only source of making money was by playing the violin at street corners. But fate dealt her a bad card. One day, her musical instrument – her only sustenance – got stolen. It cost around $10,000 and she could not afford another. Her funds drained out and soon, she became homeless. She slept in parking lots on cardboard, imagining it to be a comfortable mattress. Sometimes, she would like to meet people and tell them that she had some talent in her and was not just a useless homeless person. And so, she went down to the Los Angeles Subway Station and sang.

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One day, a person was enthralled by her song and recorded a video. Once the video was on Twitter, her life began to change. It became viral soon and within a few days, she had two GoFundMe accounts. She had also amassed about 100,000 dollars in the form of donations too. But what really changed everything was her meeting with Joel Diamond, a Grammy-nominated producer. 

The viral video came to his notice and he witnessed the special power of Emily’s voice. He has often come across different viral videos – he was mesmerized by the stories behind it. However, this one was special. This one had magic behind it – a great career too. Diamond realized that this homeless soprano only needs an opportunity to make her fly high. So, he reached out to her and asked her permission. Emily was delighted.

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Soon enough, Diamond drew up an offer letter with the purpose of collaborating with Emily and creating a crossover hit record. It will be of the innovative classical/EDM genre. Something completely new. He hopes it would be a great one.

In a couple of weeks, both of them will be under intense rehearsals in the recording room.

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