Homeless Man Moved To Tears As 14 Year Old Boy Gives Him The Shoes Off His Feet


By Anna Scanlon Truth Theory

While many people constantly complain about “kids today,” this kid has shown up all of his peers and elders with this amazing and unique act of kindness: giving a homeless man the new shoes off of his own feet.

14-year-old LaRon Tunstill, who goes by the name of “Ron Ron,” hails from Louisville, Kentucky. While handing out food to the local homeless population with PurpMe, an organization that encourages acts of kindness, Ron Ron began speaking to a homeless man sitting with shoes so worn that his toes were touching the ground.

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 Ron Ron decided to give him his brand new Nike Air Jordans, which he had only worn for one day. At first, the man refused this amazing act of kindness, but Ron Ron insisted, telling him it was what God wanted him to do.

“You could tell he had been hurt so many times,” Ron Ron told a local news affiliate of the candid conversation the pair had together just before his act of kindness.

PurpMe took a photo of the pair, Ron Ron’s arms embracing the man as he cries out of gratefulness. The photo was posted to their Facebook page and has received over 10,000 likes and 8,000 shares.

But Ron Ron hasn’t always been a squeaky clean kid. His mentor told ABC News that he used to be pretty “wild.” Having grown up in a rough area, Ron Ron used to be fairly disrespectful to his mentors at the program. But they say they’ve noticed a huge change in him and he’s done a total 180. Now, Ron Ron is one of the kids mentoring new recruits to the program.

Since the story broke and went viral, an anonymous donor has replaced Ron Ron’s Nike Air Jordans.

PurpMe founder, Jason Reynolds, said of his organization:

“I started these PurpMe teams to replace the gangs and violence in our streets with community outreaches and love in our streets. We may not have much ourselves, but we do the best with what we got. We just want to start a movement of people loving and uplifting one another.”

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