HomeBiogas Transforms Food Waste And Animal Manure Into Renewable Energy

12L of food scraps a day

By Fattima Mahdi Truth Theory

You can now make renewable energy in your backyard with HomeBiogas – a biodigester that turns kitchen leftovers into natural fuel and produces rich liquid fertilizer as a by-product of the digestive process.

The off-grid system “generates clean energy without any electricity and allows you to properly treat your household waste! The system produces up to 2 hours of cooking gas every day solely from your food scraps or animal waste.”

How does it work?

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Credit: HomeBiogas

HomeBioGas is an Israeli startup that has worked with a number of NGOs to install the system in underserved rural areas in the Middle East and Africa. Ami Amir from HomeBiogas marketing and business development explains that the most exciting project involved providing clean cooking gas and lamp light to very poor Bedouin communities in the Palestinian Authority.”

The eco-appliance is available in over 70 countries and is shipped in a box for DIY setup that can be assembled in about 2-3 hours. You can pre-order HomeBiogas 2.0 for $520, with the product available for shipment from May 2018.

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