High-School Sweethearts Finally Married After Their Love Was Torn Appart By Racism For 50 Years


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Lover overrides all obstacles, even the deep chasm in the relationship between Whites and African-Americans. It took almost five decades for this love story to finally find a happy ending. High school sweethearts Myra Clark and Howard Foster fell in love in 1967, a time of deep racial divide in the society where interracial marriage had just been legalized. But it still was a provocative word then, an invitation for trouble. The White-dominated society was still not ready to accept it

Myra and Howard

Race riots were common around their school. Richard was realistic enough to recognize that Myra would be in danger if they continued with their relationship is such a fractured society. It was still a society where the Whites looked down on the Blacks. And the love between the two races was unthinkable. He realized that this venom would poison their relationship and put Myra in danger.

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Howard faced racism even from his professors and realized that Myra’s life would be difficult. And Howard finally let Myra know of his decision. He felt that they would be happier apart. Myra felt that she would have persevered but she accepted Howard’s decision.

The heartbroken couple hugged one last time and walked away. A block away, they turned back and waved at each other one last time, as if to say, “I’ll meet you again.’ But it would be almost 50 years before they would be together again.

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Howard remembers sitting in his car, crying. It was more difficult for him for it was his decision. He really had loved Myra. Their lives drifted apart but they always remained in each other’s hearts.

The regrets lasted almost a lifetime. Myra never married, Howard’s marriage didn’t last. Hope smiled in 2014. They finally connected thanks to a mutual friend. Thanks to that friend, Howard met Myra again at a picnic table at Sharon Wood Metro Park. They were finally reunited.

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Howard could not believe that he was again sitting there after almost a lifetime, holding her hands. This time he wouldn’t make the mistake of leaving her.

A year later, Howard and Myra were finally married on August 1, 2015. They couldn’t be happier. They are in their sixties but smitten like teenagers. They go to sleep holding their hands. They have lost the best years of their lives but there are no regrets. They enjoy each other’s company and that is all that matters.

Howard says they married even though they were in their 60s just because they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. Nothing was going to separate them again. He had walked away once. He wasn’t going to make the same mistake again.

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