Heroic Uber Driver Prevents Undercover Cops From Busting A Lyft Driver

By John Vibes / Truth Theory

The city of Los Angeles has been cracking down on rideshare services with undercover sting operations that hope to catch Uber or Lyft drivers collecting cash. One Uber driver that got busted decided to fight back, and record the undercover operation with his cellphone camera while warning other rideshare drivers of the danger.

The disgruntled Uber driver posted a video YouTube this week, showing his encounter with undercover agents. During the encounter, he saves a Lyft driver from getting a citation and is then surrounded and threatened by police.

In the video, the Uber driver can be seen approaching the undercover officers from across the street.


“These two people are the two individuals that entrapped me right here, and they’re trying to do it right now. They’re trying to get every other Uber driver and Lyft driver right now. Look at them, waving people down. The woman said … her phone was out of battery, and the guy said he had a flip phone and said he had cash. They’re trying to catch all kinds of people,” the Uber driver explained.

When the disgruntled Uber driver approaches the undercover officers they are hailing a Lyft will luggage in tow.

The Uber driver interrupts and calls out, “Hey, brother, those people are undercover cops! I just got a citation for this!”

The Lyft driver replied “Oh really?” and slowly pulled away.

“Yeah, they trapped me,” the Uber driver responds as the car pulls off.

The Uber driver turns to the police and says, “Yep. Good job, guys!”

“I’ll see y’all in court,” the Uber driver said as he backed away from the police who were now trying to surround him.

The female officer then takes out her phone and begins filming the driver.

“Oh, I thought your phone was dead! Ah, your phone ain’t dead no more, huh?” the Uber driver responds.

“We gave you cash,” she said, referring to her earlier encounter with the driver.

“I didn’t take nothing from you. I took nothing from neither one of you people, and you know I didn’t,” the Uber driver said, disputing his citation.

The officer then begins to threaten him with more charges, and accuse him of harassment.

“Okay, I’m going to show this to the judge. You’re harassing me. You’re interfering with an investigation,” the officer threatened.

“I’m not harassing nothing. Y’all entrapped me.” the driver responded, as he continues to back away from the police, who are now surrounding him.

“I just got trapped, and I just wanted to stop someone else from getting trapped, that’s all,” he added.

The driver presumably got away without any additional citations, but he can expect the officers to show up in court with their side of the story.

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