Here’s Why Neuroscientists Believe That Visiting The Beach Regularly Can Make You Healthier

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By Mayukh Saha

Spending time on a beach is lovely – it almost feels like paradise. But have you ever wondered why beaches make us feel so cool and relaxed? Researchers have found out the reason for this phenomenon – they have dubbed it as ‘blue space’. It’s the name of this calming effect that the roar of the water and smell of beaches brings upon us. It’s almost hypnotic. Scientists say that it changes the way our brain reacts to certain environmental factors making us pleased and relaxed. Here are some of the ways in which ‘blue space’ can help you mentally and physically:

1. Stress Buster

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Have you ever taken a dip in water during the summers and felt calmness spreading all over your body? Water has some positive ions which come in contact with your skin and makes you feel relaxed and easy. It’s a natural stress buster. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know swimming, you just have to come in contact with water. Dip you toe for some time in water and you will find coolness spreading through your body. That’s the beauty of it – water is a natural mood-lifter.

2. It Is Just The Thing Needed To Spark Your Creativity

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The blue expanse and the horizon where the blue sky and water meets – the whole beach scenery sounds very creative. Well, that’s because it is. When you are in the ‘blue space’, the atmosphere clears off your mind and makes you more capable of finding out new solutions to the different projects that have been bothering you for a long time.

The beach works as meditation does. It makes you calm, and it is well-known that when you are calm, you can come up with new ideas. Reflect on your problems when you are on the beach, see them in a new light and resolve them as you want.

3. It Can Help Making You Feel Less Depressed

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Since we have covered how beaches can reduce your stress and how it can make you creative with your problems, it naturally follows that you will be less depressed about your life. As you tap into the energy of the beach, the rumbling of the waves, and the shifting of the sands, you will feel all your sadness melting inside you. Become the audience of this natural orchestra and feel it within you as it puts you in a meditative state.

It will clear all your worries and sorrows and make your more tuned in with the present – the Now. The regrets of the past will no longer be of any concern and you won’t be worried about what the future will bring. Now, you are away from the chaos of normal life and in a protected space of your own creation – within nature.

4. A Different Perspective On Life

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It all culminates into this: a brand-new perspective on life. When you are calm and composed, you look at the world in a completely different way. You may have had problems before, but now you know the solution to it. You feel all your sadness escaping from within. There is nothing to be worried about anymore. When you are stripped of all these factors which make you miserable, you will turn out to be an enlightened person.

You will see the world with a renewed perspective, without putting on either your sorrow-filled glasses or your rose-tinted ones. You will start making health your priority as well as happiness, and now you are aware of the place where you can get both of them. The beach makes you see paradise on earth.

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We all knew that beaches are wonderful, and with the discovery of the ‘blue space’, now we know that beaches are healthy too. Thank god we have so many beaches in this world. So, what are you waiting for? Just pack your backpacks and book your tickets for the nearest beach.

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