He Refused Surgery After He Broke His Spine And Healed Himself With His Mind Alone

joe dispenza broken back

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

When Dr. Joe Dispenza went through his harrowing accident back in 1986, he considered it to be a massive wake-up call. He understood that this was a sign for him to change how he lived. Close to five decades ago, Dr. Dispenza was on a call in beautiful Southern California, when he had an accident with an SUV in a Palm Springs triathlon. The doctor had worked too hard for this triathlon, and at 23 years of age, he was literally in the prime of his life. He had a new chiropractic practice in La Jolla, and life was looking good for him. During the triathlon, the doctor who healed himself with his mind had completed the swimming portion of the triathlon and was about to finish the biking portion of the event. He came across a tricky turn, where he knew their lane would mix with the traffic. One of the police officers who had his back to the cars coming through asked the young chiropractor to turn right and follow the course. 

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Doctor Who Healed Himself With His Mind Suffered A Horrifying Injury in 1986

Since Dr. Dispenza had fully extended himself and was focusing on winning the race, he never took his eyes off the police officer. Passing through a couple of cyclists on that particular corner, he crashed into a red four-wheel-drive Bronco which was hitting around 55 miles an hour. The next thing he knew, he was thrown in the air, after which he landed on his back. Due to the speed at which the Bronco was going, and the slow reflexes of the woman behind the wheel, he was dragged for quite a bit of the road while the driver tried to get her car under control. Later, when he was admitted to the nursing home, he discovered that he had broken six vertebrae. He also had compression fractures all over thoracic 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12, and lumbar 1. The spinal vertebrae, for those wondering, are stacked up like individual blocks. So when he hit the ground with such force, the vertebrae collapsed and completely compressed on impact. 

The extent of the injuries of the doctor who healed himself makes the story all the more miraculous. The eighth thoracic vertebrae, which was the top segment that he broke, had collapsed by 60%, and the circular arch that protected and contained the spinal cord had also broken and been pushed together in a shape similar to a pretzel. When a vertebra fractures and compresses, the bone has to find a place to go. In the case of the doctor, a large volume of the shattered fragments went directly back into his spinal cord. Needless to say, the picture painted wasn’t good. 

The Chiropractor Hated Having Surgery Done

After conducting all the tests, the orthopedic surgeon who was diagnosing Dr. Dispenza showed him the results and also delivered the news- in order to make sure that the bone fragments that had gone into the spinal cord were contained, the chiropractor would need to undergo surgery in order to implant a Harrington Rod. This surgery would entail cutting out the back parts of the vertebrae and then clamping through 12-inch stainless-steel rods along both sides of the spinal column. After this, they would be scraping some fragments of the hip bone- which would then be pasted over the rods. While this surgery would assure that Dr. Dispenza would walk again in the future, it also entailed that he would be somewhat disabled, and going through the rest of his life in chronic pain. 

And yet, if the chiropractor refused to have this surgery, his paralysis would be imminent. The best neurologist located around Palm Springs, in accordance with the previous surgeon, informed the chiropractor that he didn’t think anyone would be refusing the surgery if they were in a similar condition. The condition of his spine was in such a precarious condition, that he wouldn’t be able to stand up for his vertebra wouldn’t support it. And if his backbone collapsed, the shattered bits of the vertebra would pass through the spinal cord- leading to instant paralysis. Neither of the options looked great to the chiropractor.

Despite this, the step taken by the doctor who healed himself is bound to shock anyone. Later, he put it down to his youth, but he refused expert recommendations and the medical model. He believed that human beings had a consciousness surrounding themselves that provided us with life. It supported, protected, maintained, and healed us at every moment. Dr. Dispenza theorized that if there was such intelligence that had such abilities, it would not go amiss for him to use it to heal himself. 


Believing In The Intelligence

The doctor knew that there was an extremely long shot of this working, so he decided to give his all to it. Since he was incapable of moving to and fro, the only thing he could do was lie face-down. Using the time he had on his hands, he had two different orders for this intelligence. First, he wanted to put all of his attention on intelligence and command it to heal his broken body. The other thing that he decided upon was that he wouldn’t allow his awareness to slip towards thoughts that were not necessary or important during this crucial period. According to the doctor who healed himself, this was easier said than done- his thoughts constantly went to his profession, his future, when he realized that there was no future if the present didn’t work itself out. 


After spending nine and a half weeks dealing with his pain, and allowing the intelligence to work itself, the doctor finally walked whole. He had attained full recovery and had started his practice again. His experience led to the book ‘You Are the Placebo’, which was published in 2014. 

Disclaimer: The claims made by Dr. Dispenza are entirely his own, and anyone who has been dealing with such an injury should consult a medical professional immediately, this account should never be taken as any kind of advice. 

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