This is How Hawaiian Residents Celebrated After the False Missile Attack This Month

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By  Amanda Froelich Truth Theory

Imagine going about your day, checking off chores when all of a sudden, you learn that a nuclear missile is headed for the state you live in. Like any person, you’d grab a few items near and dear to your heart, then dive for cover.

This is exactly what tourists and residents in Hawaii were urged to do last week. After news of a missile attack was declared, people dove into storm drains and scrambled to find shelter. Shortly after, they learned that the missile attack was false and that they would all survive the day.

If you had been on the Big Island, how would you have celebrated upon learning that the attack was false? The answer for many tourists and locals in Hawaii is very clear, and we have Pornhub to thank.

Days after the incident, the internet porn giant released data showing that from the minute the missile alert went out, traffic to the website declined by nearly 80 percent in Hawaii. Perhaps the 20 percent were otherwise “occupied” and missed the news. Regardless, Pornhub witnessed a huge drop-off in its usual traffic levels for a Saturday. What came next, however, was unexpected.

As soon as residents and tourists learned they would not die, the website experienced a massive surge in its traffic. To educate the public, Pornhub released the chart below to display the traffic levels during the whole ordeal.

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Around 8:00 am, traffic all but stopped. Then, it drastically plummeted, reaching a record low about 8:23 am. By 9:01am, there was a massive spike. This was about the time people had time to return from their shelters and appreciate the day. At the peak of its traffic, the site witnessed 50 percent more hits than on an average Saturday.

As for why people were so eager to dive into porn, the internet giant has no data. However, it has been suggested that masturbating is a go-to for many as it relieves stress. We will never know.

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Source: IFLScience

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