Guy Has Accidental LSD Trip After Repairing 60’s Synthesizer Previously Soaked in LSD


By Mandy Froelich / Truth Theory

One component of the 1960’s that made it so memorable was LSD (Lysergic acid diethylamide), or acid. The drug was widely used by artists, revolutionaries, and hippies. In recent weeks, a man named Eliot Curtis became re-acquainted with the culture in an unexpected way. While he was repairing a synthesizer that had been left at Cal State University East Bay, he experienced a 9-hour trip on LSD.

Curtis is the Broadcast Operations Manager for KPIX Television. After finding the synthesizer that hadn’t been touched since the 1960’s, he took it home with the hope of repairing it. He was in the middle of restoring the instrument to its former glory when he discovered a “crust or a crystalline residue” underneath one of the knobs.

According to San Francisco KPIX 5, Curtis sprayed the residue with a cleaning solvent. He also used the tip of finger to remove the residue. One hour later, Curtis began to feel a “weird, tingling sensation.” He didn’t know it at the time, but he was embarking on an acid trip.

“I think it’s super wild. I think this whole situation is a nice chapter in the history of the counter culture,” his wife Holly later explained.

If left in a dark, cold environment, LSD’s effectiveness as as stimulant can persist for decades. Such was the case with the synthesizer. Sometimes, as in this case, the psychedelic substance can also be ingested through the skin.

Three separate tests were conducted on the instrument. All three concluded that the residue was LSD. No one knows how acid ended up inside the instrument, but there are a number of theories. Perhaps the most intriguing theory involves the instrument’s inventor, Don Buchla.

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VT reports: “Buchla became known as one of the members of the ’60s counterculture – particularly through his work with rock band The Grateful Dead and their audio engineer Owsley Stanley who was one of the first to privately mass-produce LSD.”

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h/t VT, San Francisco KPIX 5

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