Guinness Goes Green: Shrink Wrap And Plastic Rings Out, Biodegradable Cardboard In

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory
There’s great news for environmentalists – Guinness is trying to get rid of plastic from their beer packaging and looking to go down the sustainable route.

The producer of Guinness, Diageo, claimed that they are going to replace plastic packaging with 100% recyclable and biodegradable cardboard. They have planned to invest around 16 million pounds for the project. By eliminating the shrink wrap and the plastic ring carriers, the company estimates that it will remove about 40 million plastic bottles. Since plastic rings are something nobody really liked, so we get a double bonus. Now, we can say that the marine animals will be taken care of, due to a significant load of plastic being stopped from entering the sea.

Diageo also controls the Harp and Smithwicks company and are trying to remove plastic from other brands too. Sustainable beer packs will be making its appearance in August in Ireland and they are hoping, in the other parts of the world by 2020. The company also plans to move towards recyclable plastic completely by 2025. Since Diageo happens to be one of the largest spirit producers of the world, this move can make the planet greener.

According to Oliver Loomes, the country director of Diageo Ireland, it is important that companies start managing their products in a way that will help the environment. Plus, it will help the business too. According to him, St James’s Gate already houses one of the most sustainable breweries present on the planet.

The end of the previous year and this year has seen massive movements of the companies going towards sustainable products. McDonald’s, Starbucks and Disney said goodbye to straws and before we knew it, Seattle banned the use of plastic straws completely. Then, there is IKEA planning to stop single-use plastics by the year 2020. Companies are slowly understanding that they play an active role in maintaining the health of our planet and so, they need to be more eco-friendly. On top of that, they are aware that the current crowd in leaning towards environmentalism. So, if companies don’t rectify their ways, then, we, as customers, will be compelled to boycott their branches. After all, who would pay for the destruction of the place we call home?

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It has been estimated that the plastic waste present in oceans will triple by the year 2050. There are enough plastic products floating around to form a continent! It is clear that we don’t require plastic anymore. With companies moving beyond plastic, we can hope that with lower demand, there will be lower plastic production.

Let us do our bit to save the planet and have a green beer, as we think over it!

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