Guess How Many Coins? – An Aquarium Gathered Wishing Well Coins In Order To Survive

By Anthony McLennan / Truth Theory

The North Carolina Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores has found a creative solution to generating some much-needed funds.

Many aquariums and zoos across the United States and indeed all over the world have been battling to feed their animals never mind paying staff salaries over the past five or so months.

Some have been lucky enough to receive donations, but with so many businesses and individuals struggling to survive during the Covid-19 lockdowns, funds have generally been hard to come by.

Several zoos and aquariums have turned to virtual tours and similar initiatives to survive.

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The North Carolina Aquarium have also been conducting virtual tours and even virtual, interactive summer camps for kids.

They’ve also been able to tap into a resource inside their own premises – a wishing well. If ever there was a time to turn to desperate measures, then now is it.

The 30-foot tall ‘Smoky Mountain’ waterfall was turned off and according to the aquarium, “about 100 gallons of coins were cleaned and sorted and will go toward the general care of the aquarium and animals.”

How much money do you think the aquarium found?

The coins had been collected over a period of 14-years.

The North Carolina Aquarium asked its social media followers to guess how much money was collected. It was nearly $9,000 dollars.

“And the grand total is $8,563.71,” read a post on their Facebook page.

The aquarium said they ‘had severely underestimated how long it would take to clean, sort, and sift through all the coins.’

It took more than 10-hours just to feed the coins through a bank’s money counter.

The person who came closest to guessing the correct amount was Amy Campbell – she guessed $8,562; just a bit more than one dollar short!

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Image credits: North Carolina Aquarium

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