Growing Evidence Suggests That The Universe Is Connected By Giant Structures

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

It has been found out that the vast galaxies in this Universe can actually traverse large areas of space. This completely negates the cosmological notion of galaxies being unable to move on their own and throws things in a new loop.

It was always theorized that galaxies that are at a distance of a ‘few’ million light-years of each other could affect the other’s gravitational field. But, what has been quite shocking is the revelation that galaxies that transcend this distance can also have a deep impact on other galaxies. 

This discovery has shed further light on the mystifying dark structures that have been presumed to control and connect the vast universe we live in. These structures are said to be composed of hydrogen and other gases, and usually, form a knot, or a loop to connect the galaxies within. Although they had always been considered to be a major catalyst to change and evolution, it is quite surprising to note that they affect movement between galaxies. 

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Galaxies In Motion

Why are galaxies always in motion? Especially ones that are enormously distant to one another? These galaxies form large superclusters. Like, the Milky Way is part of the Local Group, which has quite a few galaxies in the Virgo supercluster. 

What is shocking here is that galaxies that are not even in the same supercluster or Local Group have been said to be affecting other galaxies. While it was always natural for galaxies within the same supercluster to affect the other’s gravitational pull, this was quite a new discovery. This was propagated in The Astrophysical Journal, where a study by Joon Hyeop Lee talked about this. In an mail, Lee spoke of his own bewilderment at having discovered something so strange. 

They found this out by looking at 445 galaxies around our planet. It was found that most of the galaxies that were moving towards Earth had neighbors doing the same. And, galaxies that weren’t moving towards Earth, also had neighbors doing the same. 

But this isn’t the first time something this massive and surprising took place. 5 years back, scientists found very interesting alignments between supermassive black holes in quasars. What is really mind-boggling here is that quasars are literally billions of light-years away from each other. 

This discovery was made when the lead scientist and his team used a Very Large Telescope (VLT) in Chile to focus on the light polarization that the quasars have. They then used this polarization of light to construct the black holes which are located at the center. At the end of it all, they found similarities between the black holes of 19 quasars which were billions of light-years away from each other. 

This is quite a guarantee into the field of superstructures supporting the universe and was published in the journal Astronomy & Astrophysics. Hutsemekers, the lead scientist of this paper is of the opinion that such a discovery didn’t bode well for the many astronomical and cosmological principles that dictated the very movement of the Universe. 

In order to find out more, Hutsemekers believes that more and more of such structures need to be discovered to determine if this was an anomaly or the norm. Although the present doesn’t really highlight everything the quasars have to offer, technology is being advanced to a great degree in order to study these phenomena better. He believed that the Square Kilometre Array, a radio telescope will be able to find and analyze these alignments better. 

If only quasars were the problem, but no. What messes up with the scientists even more are the dwarf galaxies that coagulate around host galaxies. Although scientists previously believed that this was simply the case with Milky Way, recent discoveries have put Andromeda too in the mix. This is quite a complex case, for the timeline of the Universe then gets messed up. The dwarf galaxies negate the ΛCDM model, which is considered to be a replica of the formation of the Universe, to this day. 

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It also was quite problematic because, in 2015, the same event transpired towards Centaurus A, which was 10 million kilometers away from Earth, or the Milky Way. This is when scientists put forth observations all over the net for people to be aware of.

Another study in 2018 proved that the previous discoveries had all

challenged the seminal cosmological thinking. It was put forward by Oliver Muller of the University of Strasbourg. He proposed that this might be too early thinking for they have simply checked three galaxies. If more were checked, something conclusive would be deciphered. 

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A 2015 paper by Libeskind proposed that there was a cosmic web that was supporting the entire Universe. Also, the movement of the galaxies linked by these superstructures would actually link up well with the ΛCDM model was thought of but yet again nothing conclusive was found. 

Now even more scientists like Marcel Pawlowski are taking up this topic. The theories are now being supported by hard proof and the scientists and astronomers are more excited than ever. The movement of such galaxies would definitely pave for discoveries to be made in the dark web of the Universe.


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