Group Of Carpenters Builds Tiny Homes For Homeless Women After Being Homeless And Helpless Themselves

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

A group of women carpenters has made it a point to bring a change to the homeless scenario. As the global economy of the world keeps going into a decline, the condition of homelessness is on the rise. Many people are either getting sacked due to increased competition or not getting a chance at a job. The result – more and more people are losing their dignity and getting into the homeless state.

A group of women carpenters has taken it upon themselves to return some amount of dignity to the homeless. Joining hands with one another, they are investing their time, strength, and resources to work for a Women4Women initiative. They are constructing an entire village made of small houses – a village where the homeless could find refuge. This will be operated by a low-income housing institute. 

women carpenters

Credit: Women4Women Tiny Houses

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It will be called Whittier Heights Village. It will be one of the 9 tiny house villages located on the land owned by the city. The houses in this village are cheap, costing around 2,500 dollars. They are not too small either and neither are they too low on the number. The 15 houses will have an area of around 100 square feet and are colorful and bright. According to the group of women carpenters, they can be locked for safety purposes, are weather-proof and completely safe to live in. Small size does not mean a bad product. There will be electricity and overhead light, so all the basic needs are met. The houses will even have a heater for the winter days. 

The village is well-built, almost like an actual village. On-site, it has a kitchen and restroom facilities, as well as a place to do your laundry. There is a counseling office – a very overlooked necessity for most homeless people. There is also a welcome hut which has food, clothes, and other hygiene and sanitary items so that the basic lifestyle of the homeless people are not lost. The group of women carpenters has ensured that homeless people have a decent life to live – a life of dignity. 

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Credit: Women4Women Tiny Houses

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The philosophy behind Whittier Heights Village is simple. It wants to provide a shelter for the people who need shelter the most. It will act as a buffer between complete homelessness and a settled permanent home of one’s own choice. After all, more than living in the house, it is important to live in a dignified manner. That’s the time when a house can be called a ‘home’.

The group of women carpenters has shown the world that gender means nothing when it comes to making the world a better place. However, taking up the role in construction surely rings of true women empowerment too. Kudos to them and their generous work. 

Featured image: Dean Rutz

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