Grieving Dog Waits For Owner On Bridge For 4 Days After Owner Jumped Into River

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Dogs are truly a man’s best friend. They have proven it time and again that nothing will keep them from doing everything they can for their owners. We have come across many heartbreaking tales of dogs protecting their owners at the cost of their lives. Or if they couldn’t save their owners, we have seen them cry over their graves and surprisingly witnessed them waiting for days and even years. Not much has changed as another story involving a pet dog in Wuhan comes to light. 

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A video and pictures went viral on social media immediately after Mr. Xu uploaded them and told the sad story of this pet dog in Wuhan. He noticed the pet waiting by the Yangtze bridge for days. He initially thought that the dog might be a stray. But then he noticed that the dog waited at a particular spot every day and looked like a pet.

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After noticing the pet dog for four days, Mr. Xu finally decided to adopt the pet canine. But unfortunately, the dog seemed to have run away. News of this went viral. 

Upon investigation by Wuhan Small Animal Protection Association Director, Du Fan, they found out that the dog’s owner had committed suicide by jumping over the bridge. Mr. Du called in local volunteers to try and trace the dog in Wuhan. 

Mr. Du spoke with the bridge authorities and checked the surveillance video system. He reported that not much could be seen as it was night when the incident took place. But as far as they could decipher, they saw that the dog had followed his owner on 30th May. The video footage shows a man jump straight into the river. 

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The loyal pet dog is yet to be found, but the heartbreaking story has reached millions across the world. It only goes to prove what is already known. Dogs are more humane than us human beings. 

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Mr. Du, an official at the animal protection agency, has asked residents to keep an eye out for the loyal pet dog. Since the dog has been a pet his whole life, he would find it even more difficult to live on the streets. 

This unnamed loyal pet dog in Wuhan has managed to touch everyone’s heart. Let’s hope wherever he is, he is safe and sound. And that the animal protection agency finds him soon and he gets a loving home.

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Image Credits: AsiaWire / Wuhan SAPA

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