Glass Vase Lets You See The Roots As You Grow Your Own Avocado Tree


By John Vibes / Truth Theory

Avocados are very good for you but they can also get very expensive if you eat a lot of them. It would be nice for us all to have an avocado tree of our own, but growing them in the traditional fashion is a very tedious process, even with the many tips and tricks that are shared around the internet.

Luckily, Ilex Studio has made glass vases that are designed to grow both avocado and oak trees. The vases are created to show the root structure growing below the seed. The design was first unveiled at the 2019 London Design Festival, and was a favorite among many of the attendees.

Ilex Studio 500

As you can see from the image above, the glass has a small neck with a place for the avocado seed to sit and is designed in a way that keeps the seed dry while allowing its roots to be entirely submerged in water. The bottom of the vase, where the roots take form, is curved in a way that magnifies the contents inside, allowing you to get a closer look at the growth process. In addition to the vase for avocado seeds, there is a smaller product with the same design that is made for acorns, which can eventually grow into oak trees.

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Acorn Vase Avocado Vase boxes1

Both of these projects will take a bit of research and dedication to see through to completion, but each vase comes with detailed instructions that walk you through the process of turning the seeds into trees. The studio says that the acorn can be left to grow in the vase for up to a year before it is planted in the ground, but the avocado tree project has some extra steps.

The acorn vases cost about $28 or £22, while the larger avocado vases will be slightly more expensive, at about $45 or £35 each. They are currently being sold on the studio’s website.

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